• YKK
    NATULON® Ocean Sourced™ Zippers
    Winter 2020.21
    Trade Content

    Working to address the problem of marine plastic, YKK announces its new NATULON® Ocean Sourced™ collection of zippers made from ocean bound plastic. This premium collection of zippers is made from plastic waste that has been collected within 50 km of the coastline of Sri Lanka. “NATULON® Ocean Sourced...

  • YKK
    click-TRAK® Zipper
    Summer 2020
    User Content

    YKK announces the launch of click-TRAK®, a zipper that makes opening and closing operations easier by replacing the insert pin with a snap button that you press together when closing the zipper. The zipper, which has been under development since 2015, was created with the aim of enabling the...