Ocean Film Tour Volume 6: the final international programme

Published by Mountainblog on .

Come to enjoy an evening dedicated to celebrating the world’s oceans. The International OCEAN FILM TOUR Vol. 6 sets its sails to bring the year’s best marine adventures and water sports films to the big screen. We are proud and delighted to present the final programme of this year’s tour to you.

The Int. OCEAN FILM TOUR Vol. 6 consists of a total of six visually stunning films that evoke an atmosphere of salty sea air and aquatic adventure while also inspiring thoughtful reflection. In BLOWN AWAY, we embark on a musical (sailing) journey around the globe with the ‘Sailing Conductors’. SURFER DAN shows us that you can live the authentic life of a surfer, even in freezing cold temps without a tan or palm trees. The film CHASING THE THUNDER documents the Sea Shepherds’ fight against illegal fishing, demonstrating what a group of determined marine conservationists individuals can achieve.

We’ve bundled all the information about the tour and the six films in the attached press release. Tickets are available for advance purchase from 13 Euros. An overview of all Int. OCEAN FILM TOUR Vol. 6 events can be found at this link.