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Trecime Carbon
Summer 2018

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MASTERS <BR /> Trecime Carbon <br /> Summer 2018

Top of range for foldable poles, this model has been developed for experts and their extreme trail-running adventures! The rope can be easily tighten making the adjustment of the plastic tool placed into the ending section: just turn it and you won’t feel any vibration anymore. One size strap lost its buckle and some grams as well as the anodized aluminium alloy 7075 tip support.

  • Shafts: high modulus carbon 100% 3k
  • Sections: 16/14/12mmx3 diameter
  • Grip: Falco handgrip and a single size light strap with a “silky” feel
  • Tip: the support of the tungsten tip has been realized in anodized aluminium alloy 7075 and insert into the screw plastic system (50mm basket included)
  • Blocking system: Clamper external closing system and push/pull system
  • Measure: 35cm closed – from 110cm up to 130cm size range once opened
  • Weight: 195 gr./piece.