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Prizm Inferno
Winter 2017.18

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OAKLEY<br /> Prizm Inferno<br />Winter 2017.18

Prizm Inferno is a revolutionary heated lens technology developed to combat goggle fogging and improve performance and safety by enhancing vision. Designed with simplicity, form and function in mind, Prizm Inferno allows those heading down the hill to worry less about their equipment’s performance and more about the line ahead.

Prizm Inferno is compatible with the new Oakley Line Miner Goggle – a cylindrical lens design that provides the ultimate peripheral view. Sitting closer to faces than any other Oakley goggle, Line Miner puts less pressure on noses and provides unrivaled helmet compatibility. Combining Prizm Inferno with Line Miner, goggle gear has been transformed into a shield against fog.

  • FOG FIGHTING: Transfers heat evenly across the lens to actively combat fog at any given time – from proactively heating your lens before a run to reactively heating your lens after a fall in the snow
  • HIGH STANDARD OPTICS: The Prizm Inferno optics include Oakley’s high standard quality lenses
  • BATTERY FUNCTION: The high-performance rechargeable and replaceable batteries are not impacted by the cold
  • LENS SYSTEM: Available in all Prizm colors, Line Miner Prizm Inferno lenses are interchangeable, allowing for an upgrade from a standard lens to a Prizm Inferno lens