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Outdoor Friedrichsafen 2018
Ispo 2017

Video Talk

How technology will change the consumer market
and businesses. Interview with John Straw

Digital Transformation. AI, IoT, Blockchain, Smart Contracts, Advanced Robotics, Virtual Reality are all converging to create a wave of change for consumers and businesses...

"Outdoor Digital": let's work it out! Interview with Mark Held at EOS 2018

The sixth annual European Outdoor Summit pulled in its highest numbers to date with 305 delegates coming together in Malmӧ! The great success that Mark Held was expeting for this sixth EOS edition.

Mark Held about the OutDoor by ISPO:
"The new trade fair is not going to be multisport"

During the videointerview, Mark Held (General Secretary of EOG) explains the key concept that supports this change: outdoor Industry is changing...

Planting Projects and new EOCA Conservation Champions. Interview with Tanya Bascombe
and Leah Glass

OutDoor 2018 has been a great edition for EOCA. Tanya Bascombe (EOCA General Manager) supported by Leah Glass...

Video Spot

EOS 2018 Malmö, Sweden.
The promo

The European OutDoor Summit 2018 is over and after publishing the video interviews, Mountainblog Europe is happy to conclude this 6th edition with a video about the best moments in Malmö. See you in Interlaken, Swiss next year!

LOWA Alpine Ice GTX®
At home on any peaks anywhere

Above 4,000 metres elevation, the technical demands for alpine mountaineering boots increase. There is no room for compromises here.

Polartec the Science of Fabric

Polartec the Science of Fabric: we're committed to solving problems at their source. To seeing little discoveries become big ideas. Disruptive ideas. Industry changing ideas. We're committed to the science of fabric.

Patagonia’s Blue Heart film launches
on streaming platforms globally.

Patagonia’s 2018 documentary film, Blue Heart, depicts the fight to protect Europe’s last wild rivers and brings international awareness to a potential environmental disaster in Europe...

Video Preview

AKU La Val Plus equipped with Michelin outsoles at OutDoor 2018 – Summer 2019

At OutDoor 2018, Giulio Piccin (Product & Sustainability Manager at Aku Italia srl) and Giustiano Peruzzo present Aku La Val Plus...

Mammut Saentis Knit Low equipped with Michelin outsoles at OutDoor 2018- Summer 2019

At OutDoor 2018, Ruben Hogreve (Product Manager Footwear) and Giustiano Peruzzo (Head of Product Development at JVI Michelin Technical Soles)...

Black Diamond Deploy Wind Shell at OutDoor 2018 - Summer 2019

OutDoor 2018, Trent Bush (Vice President Apparel Black Diamond Equipment) presents the Deploy Wind Shell by Black Diamond.

Garmont 9.81 N.Air.G GTX® Surround® equipped with Michelin outsoles at OutDoor 2018 – Summer 2019

At OutDoor 2018, Patrizia Dalla Rosa (Marketing & Communication Manager) and Nicola Dalla Costa (Product Specialist at JVI Michelin...

Product & Corporate News

Ferrino digital innovation: new portal, E-Shop and "Outdoor specialist".

Digital innovation for the Ferrino Group: the completely renewed institutional website was launched in 4 languages - English, Italian, French and Spanish...

LOWA Outdoor boots for women:
the details make the difference

Who doesn’t realise this? The sun is shining brightly outside, and you simply want to slip on your boots and take off. But people who still need the right pair of boots will have...

Corporate Responsibility at LOWA

Not many industries are so obviously linked to nature as the outdoor industry. Corporate responsibility (CR) and sustainability have therefore become increasingly important in recent years...

EOCA: Cast your vote for the environment

For the 4th year, MountainBlog is very happy to host again the autumn EOCA vote for conservation!

Event & Testimonial News

Exhibitors and partners count on OutDoor by ISPO in Munich

OutDoor by ISPO is coming to Munich and numerous exhibitors and partners have already confirmed their involvement in the trade fair (June 30 to July 3, 2019) – around nine months in advance...

Mountains on Stage launch new winter dates and locations for the 2018 film festival – UK and Ireland

Dates and films for the 2018 winter edition of Mountains on Stage have been announced, with five new cities and four new films over a total of fourteen dates in November...

Eva Walkner and Jackie Paaso present:
"Evolution of Dreams"

What happens when the passion for your dreams fades? Do you just stop? Or do you search for what’s missing and uncover new dreams and goals?...

Patagonia celebrates 50th Anniversary of Iconic Outdoor Film ‘Mountain of Storms’

They called themselves Fun Hogs. In 1968, whilst San Francisco raved through the summer of love, five friends took an 8,000-mile road trip from the surf and sun...