2015 Tecnica-MaXi-Race: 7 race formats, 7000 registered runners, 51 countries

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The Lake Annecy Tecnica-MaX-Race, created just 5 years ago, has become one of the pivotal events on the trail running calendar. Today it counts among the preeminent races in France. This world-renowned, extremely well-organized, and highly technical race across amazing mountain landscapes makes this a highly appealing course for all trail runners.
By offering several race formats, the Tecnica-MaX-Race has, from the outset, always sought to encourage all trail running enthusiasts to participate, allowing everyone to share the sport’s festive atmosphere over the course of a weekend.

In 2015, the event will rise to new heights. The Tecnica-MaXi-Race (85 km, 5300 meters of vertical gain) will host the 2015 IAU Trail World Championships, incorporating an additional race to the event program.

The national federations have just submitted, within the time frame allotted, their definitive lists of selected athletes.

Details on participating countries and selected athletes, including favorites to win, will be provided by May 8.

Favorites to win the Tecnica-MaXi-Race

May 30: 05:00 start – the first runners will finish around 13:00

For the legendary open race, 2000 runners will stand at the starting line for the same course as the World Championships! While there are no official team selections or national jerseys, several favorites have emerged.

For the men, 10 runners have earned more than 800 points in the ITRA rankings (International Trail-Running Association), including Javier Dominguez (ESP-859pts), Lionel Bonnel (FR-839 pts), Daniele Fornoni (IT-825 pts), Matteo Pigoni(IT-821 pts), Stéphane Begaud (FR-818 pts), Alexandre Mayer (FR-812 pts), Mohamed Ahansal (MAR-809 pts), Mathieu Martinez (FR-807 pts), Bertrand Collomb-Patton (FR-801 pts), and Lambert Santelli (FR-801 pts).

For the women, Carine Semo (FR-676 pts), Emilie Deronzier, and Sylvie Quittot are favored to place… although Juliette Blanchet (FR) and Italian Giuliana Arrigoni also have a fighting chance.


The weekend offers other challenges to watch

For the Vertical Race (4 km, 850 m of vertical gain) on Friday, May 29, Swiss Emmanuel Vaudan counts as the favorite. His specialty is the Vertical Kilometer, an event in which he holds several records, including La Fully through 2014, when Italian Urban Zemmer stole his thunder by running a sub 30-minute time. Although not a specialist in the Vertical Kilometer, Domnin Erard (FR), often finishing in the top 10, could be the dark horse. The highest ITRA ranked female runner, Adelaïde Panthéon (627 pts), will likely win her race.

The 86 km race course is also run as a 2 or 4-person relay team; another several hundred trail running enthusiasts seeking to push their limits! 200 teams are registered for the 4-person relay, and 150 for the 2-person relay. While any predictions for these races prove difficult, team names such as “The Laughing Cow,” “Pissalochons,” or “Infernal Marmots” clearly speak for themselves…

The French female team “Brochettes de saucisses” (Sausage skewers) includes 4 extraordinary women: twins who are top ranked triathletes, a marathon runner, and one highly motivated team member who just recovered from a long illness. Threre is also the team of prisoners who, with their guards, are running as fast as they can towards the exit…

Human adventures, athletic achievements at all levels, races for everyone, the World Championships, Annecy-le-Vieux will transform into the place to be in just 25 days…


Thursday, May 28
19:00: Opening ceremony for the 2015 IAU Trail World Championships

along the shores of Lake Annecy: “Le Pâquier,” 5 Avenue d’Albigny – 74000 Annecy


Friday, May 29
11:00: Official press conference for the 2015 Tecnica-MaXi-Race IAU Trail World Championships

– BALCONS DU LAC D’ANNECY HOTEL, 1487 Route de Cessenaz – 74320 Sevrier

18:30: Start, Vertical Race, from the “Petit Port”

19:00: First runners finish the Vertical Race (at the top of Mt. Baron)


Saturday, May 30

  • 03:30: Start, 2015 IAU Trail World Championships, Albigny Beach
  • 05:00: Start, Tecnica-MaXi-Race, Albigny Beach
  • 06:00: Start, 2 and 4-person Team-Race, Albigny Beach
  • 06:00: Start, Day 1, Compressport XL-Race, Albigny Beach
  • 08:30: Start, Femina Race, “Salle des Fêtes” building, 01 Allée du Clos Chevalier, 74290 Menthon-Saint-Bernard
  • 10:00: First runners finish the Femina Race, Albigny Beach
  • 12:00: First runners finish the 2015 IAU Trail World Championships, Albigny Beach
  • 13:20: First runners finish the Tecnica-MaXi-Race, Albigny Beach
  • 13:30: First runners finish the 2 and 4-person Team-Race, Albigny Beach
  • 16:00: awards ceremony, Femina race
  • 19:00: awards ceremony, 2015 IAU Trail World Championships, Albigny Beach
  • 20:00: Press conference, 2015 IAU Trail World Championships


Sunday, May 30

  • 07:00: Start, Day 2, Compressport XL-Race
  • 08:00: Start, Marathon Race, Albigny Beach
  • 09:00: Start, Trail Découverte, Albigny Beach
  • 13:00: First runners finish, Day 2, Compressport XL Race
  • 13:00: First runners finish the Marathon Race – Trail Découverte
  • 16:00: Awards ceremony, Compressport XL Race – Marathon Race – Trail Découverte
  • Tecnica-MaXi-Race – 2 and 4-person Team-Race – Vertical Race



More information online at: www.maxi-race.org www.worldtrail2015.com