Elan Skis Celebrates 75 Years of Innovation, Heritage and Handcrafted Skis

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Elan, handcrafted skis 100% made in the Alps, celebrates the brand’s 75th anniversary milestone with a nod to its heritage, along with a vision for innovation into the future.
From pioneering parabolic shapes, to state-of-the art Amphibio technology found in the brand’s signature asymmetrical right/left dedicated skis, Elan has shaped the skiing landscape and continues to be a leader in modern ski design.

In 1945, Rudi Finžgar from Slovenia had a vision to build the best skis in the world for friends and family to enjoy the skiing lifestyle and create lasting memories in the mountains. Over the last 75 years this vision has become a reality and Elan continues to push the boundaries of innovation.


“Over the years skiing has changed, shifting the global ski market and adapting to the modern day skier needs,” says Vice President of Elan Group, Leon Korošec. “However, through the years the one thing that remains constant is that a great day on the hill is defined by good times with friends and family. Elan has stayed true to this philosophy and will continue to innovate and handcraft skis in the heart of the Alps.”


With headquarters in Begunje, Slovenia, situated between the Julien Alps and Adriatic Sea, Elan’s skiing heritage runs deep and will continue to leave its mark in history. From working with the best of this generation’s world class athletes such as Ingemar Stenmark and Glen Plake, to supporting kids and rental programs around the globe to progress skiers more quickly into the sport; Elan believes there is a skier inside everyone and where there are skiers there are Always Good Times.

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