La Sportiva #MyLUT: approaching the Lavaredo Ultra Trail with a 3-episodes series

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We’re less than 2 months away from the 13th edition of the iconic Lavaredo Ultra Trail, and La Sportiva, main sponsor of the event for the first time, approaches the race with a 3-episodes series that embrace all the main aspects of an ultra running competition: Time, Body and Mind.

In the first video La Sportiva talked about time: because preparing a 100+km race requires a lot of training, a lot of training requires a lot of time, and to find the right time to work out is not easy, most of all if you’re not a professional runner. Let’s meet up with photographer, videomaker and Italian runner Alberto Ferretto and try to deep into his daily work and training routine.

The second video talks about how competing in the ultra marathons requires at high levels requires really specific training. Your body needs to be connected to the environment, becoming a whole thing with the mountain. Whatever the weather, the season and your schedules, you need to prepare your body to support an extremely demanding effort. And La Sportiva Spanish ambassador Cristobal Adell knows how to do it.

Stay tuned for the third video dedicated to “Mind” and get ready for the Lavaredo Ultra Trail.

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