Ortovox Avabag – Avalanche Airbag System

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These cold temperatures give us hope for something big: A whole season full of snowy mountains, new dreams and big adventures.This winter, ORTOVOX has something big in mind: The new AVABAG. The ISPO Pproduct of the year will lead us to a new path. The extremely light and sensationally compact airbag system is made for big adventures with less weight and more emphasis on safety.


AVABAG is available immediately at our retailers.
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The light and sensationally compact airbag system weighs in at just 690 grams*. This lightness was achieved thanks to innovative welding technology used to make the airbags, whereby the material is processed for the first time ever without sewing or additional waterproofing. And thanks to the drastically reduced venturi unit, this is a completely closed, robust system that functions without electricity and excludes dirt, ice and corrosion completely. The mechanical Avabag system is removable and compatible with all Ortovox Avabag backpacks.

ACTIVATION TRAINING and a release-optimized grip design are extremely important for an avalanche airbag system. Statistics show that 12 percent of all people involved in accidents while wearing an airbag do not manage to activate the system in the event of an avalanche. The AVABAG system allows for unlimited practice tries without the cartridge attached, so that you can be well prepared for an emergency situation. The activation handle was another focus for development. It is ergonomically designed so that it can be activated easily with any type of glove and grip – regardless of whether you are right or left-handed.

While working on the AVABAG system, ORTOVOX also developed two lines of backpacks: the ski tour-oriented Ascent series that offers three models and the Free rider series with back protector to guarantee the best possible protection.

* Weight fluctuations of +/- 4% may arise during manufacturing.

The advantages of the AVABAG system at a glance:
– extremely light and sensationally compact airbag system
– activation training without cartridge
– handle design optimized for activation: the handle can be gripped with any type of glove, and is suitable for both left and right-handed users
– removable and compatible with all ORTOVOX AVABAG backpacks
– no electronics