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Video Product Review To Discover Online All Ferrino’s Products Details

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Today’s consumers are increasingly looking for online video that better explain the product’s technical features. Moreover, the market has changed and always more frequently the purchases are made online. But how to be sure to exactly choose the product that you are looking for?

The technical specifications are never fully exhaustive and it’s quite difficult to be able to highlight all the features of a technical product and at the same time use a clear and “comprehensible by all” language. Starting from these assumptions, Ferrino prepared a series of Video Product Review dedicated to his best selling products and to the products that need a further explanation.
It’s Marco Chiaberge, the Product Manager himself, that explains the technical features of his creations, who’s better qualified?

Thanks to these videos you now have the opportunity to “go into” the product, discover how it’s made, the used technologies and the correct mode of use. For any further information or if you have question on Ferrino’s products please contact us by e-mail at;
or on our Facebook page @FERRINO OUTDOOR


HL SILVER PRO – Sleeping bag
FINISTERRE – Hiking Backpack 
TRANSALP – Hiking Backpack
OVERLAND – Hiking Backpack 
LIGHTECH SHINGLE 1100 – Sleeping bag 
TRIOLET – Mountaineering Backpack 
ZEPHYR – Active Backpack
GRANTOUR – Trail running sticks
LEVITY 01 – Sleeping bag
DURANCE – Hiking Backpack 
LIGHTEC 1000 DUVET – Sleeping bag