10 Gigants Years. Ferrino always Protagonist at the Tor de Geants®

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Ferrino, which supports the Tor des Géants® since the first edition, for celebrating this important anniversary, reinforces once more its sponsorship to the hardest ultra-trail in the world, increasing the equipment provided to the organization team and participating with a more numerous and international Ferrino Women Tor.     

For its 10th anniversary, the hardest endurance trail in the world includes two new races in the Valle D’Aosta paths: the Tor des Glaciers (450 km 32.000 D+) and the Passage Au Malatrà (Tor30 – 30 km, 2.300>D+). This fact confirms Ferrino’s presence to the Tor, giving its technical and logistic support, being a reference for the athletes of the competition.

At the start of Tor, Tor 130 and Tor 30 there will be as usual the Ferrino Women Team athletes. A renovated group, even more numerous but always harmonious, composed by 10 girls coming from Italy, Spain, Usa, Austria and Russia. The tested Italian trio is composed by Luisa Balsamo, Scilla Tonetti (2° al Tor 2018) and Alice Modignani Fasoli which are flanked by the Rebel Tuscany Maria Elisabetta Lastri, a new entry of the Team. With them at the start of the Tor, ready to face the brutal and fascinating Valle d’Aosta paths there are also the north American Alyssa Clark and the two Spanish girls Mireia Soler and Mónica Guilera, selected by a web contest promoted by Ferrino in Spain. Two Russian athletes have been awarder with a bib for this incredible edition Alena Shevchuk  and  Mariya Maltseva, who will run respectively the Tor130 and the Tor30.
On the trails of Passage au Malatrà (Tor30), there also is the young Austrian athlete Ina Forchthammer.

Ferrino, company based in Turin, leader since 150 years in outdoor sector, cooperates with the organization of the Tor des Géants® since its first edition, supporting, with its experience and with the quality of its company technical  equipments, the athletes efforts along the paths, summits and through their steps at high altitude. Ferrino will provide the organization of the all 4 races of this 10th edition with suitable materials, such as camp beds, for the athletes rest in the life bases and high altitude, and tents to accommodate them along the way. For those most difficult and harsh pitches between the Valdaosta valleys, will also be setted up some bivouacs at high altitudes: in this way the Tor volunteer will be supported in their essential work with Ferrino tents and sleeping bags.

Ferrino helps this Giants to face in better conditions all the difficulties and the climate variety of the Tor des Géants® thanks to a tireless investigation and development work and field test which have brought the increase of the Trail line, focused on the development of new products, tents, backpacks, sleeping bags, clothes and optionals, adapted as best as they can to enthusiastic outdoor people and that in this way allow important performances with an increasingly safety and comfort level.

The news of the collection will be put to the test on the Tor X paths by the Ferrino Women Team athletes and you can have a look at these products visiting the website www.ferrino.it


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