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2015 ISPO Awards: EIDER a Gold Winner With the Pulse Hybrid Jacket!

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eider-pulse-hybrid-jktAlready an ISPO Award winner last year for its innovative BLOW ALPHA glove, French brand Eider, a specialist in technical skiing and outdoor apparel, has now scooped an ISPO Award GOLD WINNER accolade for the Winter 15/16 season for its PULSE HYBRID jacket, a hybrid design at the cutting edge of innovation.

An expert in insulation, Eider offers with its new collection a wide array of warm and extremely high-performing garments in various weights and builds. It thus aims to cover its practitioners’ every requirement, whatever the weather conditions and intensity of their exertion.

Spearheading this collection, the PULSE HYBRID jacket stands out with its excellent warmth-to-weight ratio and wicking performance.

Lionnel DUCRUET, Eider’s R&D manager, explains the innovative approach behind the PULSE HYBRID: “We were already ahead of the curve in introducing Polartec® Alpha® to the outdoor market for Winter 13/14, and this year we were keen to go further: designing a garment that was warmer but still lightweight and compressible, extremely breathable, comfortable, and adapted to very intense activities in cold weather. At Eider, we love challenges!”

The product’s ingenious nature stems from two main facets: the combination of technical and innovative fabrics, and a build attuned to the needs of each body area (protection, warmth, moisture wicking, freedom of movement):

Combining Pertex® Quantum and Polartec® Alpha® 120g, plus a mesh lining in areas that need most protection and warmth, enables optimized moisture transfer (torso/shoulders/upper side of sleeves).
The Pertex® Quantum shell delivers protection against wet thanks to its water-repellent finish, which does not impede perspiration wicking and removal. In addition, the fabric is extremely light!The key benefit of Polartec® Alpha® is that it regulates body temperature during high-intensity activities with static interludes. Its new 120g weight – twice as warm as its predecessor, but only 20% heavier – provides the optimum warmth-to-weight ratio.
Lastly, this insulation is placed between woven layers, making it extremely stable and preventing any outward fiber migration. Eider’s R&D team has optimized this benefit by combining Alpha® insulation with an extremely open-mesh lining, for maximized moisture wicking.

The Polartec® Power Stretch® panels on torso sides and sleeve undersides optimize breathability and enable completely free-flowing movement.
This extremely stretch material possesses great ability to regain its initial shape without deformation. Its use at stress points affords optimum freedom of movement. Its elastic properties drove development of a very body-hugging fit for the PULSE HYBRID – ideal for highly dynamic sports! But also noteworthy is the product’s accurate cut and overall elegance, ensuring it hits the spot with all outdoor-sport lovers!

The PULSE HYBRID jacket will be available in store from September 2015.

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