Burton & Polartec: Premium Pioneers

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Comfort x Durability
Burton, the Vermont-born pioneers of the snowboarding industry, searches endlessly for the newest technologies to take their line to new heights. They looked to Polartec to add our signature performance and comfort, and together we created a premium base layer collection that marries function and fashion for the ride, the fireside, and everywhere in between.

Check out the [ak] Power Grid™ Base Layer Hoodie
(shown here in its natural habitat) a welcome addition to your kit that’s durable, adaptable, and designed with the mountain in mind. It’s the ideal layer thanks to Polartec® Power Grid™ technical fleece, uniquely engineered for versatile comfort in fluctuating conditions and stop-and-go activity.

Polartec® Power Grid™ up close

Warm and breathable may seem in opposition, but the Science of Fabric has the solution.
Power Grid™ is a patented, bi-component knit with an exterior geometric construction. This gridded design generates targeted touch points to manage moisture and creates open-air channels that improve breathability and reduce fabric mass. The hydrophilic, next-to-skin surface absorbs sweat vapor and transfers it outside. Translation: It wicks, breathes, and dries so you can stay focused on the ride.

More to explore
The [ak] Power Grid™ Base Layer line, Burton’s most premium to date, also includes a t-shirt, crew, and pants. . You won’t believe the next-to-skin comfort, warmth, and breathability of the [ak] base layers until you’ve put them to the test for yourself.

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