PrimaLoft INC. Introduces PrimaLoft® Silver Insulation Active Solution for High-Output Activities

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indexPrimaLoft, Inc., the world leader in providing comfort solutions with high-performance insulations and fabrics, continues its debut of proprietary technologies with the launch of PrimaLoft® Silver Insulation Active, an insulation solution offering breathability and unmatched warmth that is designed specifically for high-output adventures. The construction of PrimaLoft® Silver Insulation Active enables excess heat and moisture to escape, keeping the user comfortable and dry, while also allowing product designers to utilize a much wider variety of breathable outer and liner fabrics, resulting in more year-round choices for manufacturers and consumers.

“At PrimaLoft, innovation is our lifeblood,said Jochen Lagemann, Managing Director Europe & Asia PrimaLoft. “We devote extensive time and resources for research and development to solve problems for outdoor devotees participating in a variety of activities and experiencing a wide range of climates. PrimaLoft® Silver Insulation Active opens up a new category for us because it answers the challenge of keeping consumers warm and dry during high-aerobic activities. Whether consumers are running, ski touring or finding fresh tracks in the backcountry, this soft, packable and water-resistant insulation regulates wearers’ comfort levels during intense activity. Its versatility and thermal efficiency enable consumers to wear PrimaLoft® Silver Insulation Active all year long without having to repeatedly put on and take off layers during an adventure, so they can remain in their comfort zone sweet spot and stay in the moment.” (more…)

Interview with Jochen Lagemann
PRIMALOFT: Technology, Applications and Future Aims

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At OutDoor 2014, Jochen Lagemann (Managing Director di PrimaLoft® Europe and Asia) presents the PrimaLoft Technology, its advantages and the several applications to the different activities, sports and related summer collections. Insulation is the PrimaLoft key concept but it is not the only one: watch the video interview to discover the future steps of the company.

Interview: Andrea Bianchi – MountainBlog
Video shooting/editing: Matteo Menapace – Mountainblog

PrimaLoft: Much More Than Performance and Comfort
Interview with Jochen Lagemann

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PrimaLoft  is a wide concept that goes from synthetic insulation to comfort solutions.
At ISPO 2014, Jochen Lagemann (Managing Director Europe) explains what PrimaLoft stands for: it’s performance and comfort but it is even an earth friendly attitude; it means traciability, sustainability and of course, innovation. Not just concrete achievements but future aims…

Interviewer Andrea Bianchi – MountainBlog.

PrimaLoft® Synthetic Animation

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PrimaLoft® Synthetic Animation visualizing technical features of PrimaLoft® synthetic insulation. Ultimate thermal efficiency keeps you warm, permanent water resistance keeps you dry, unmatched breathability keeps you ventilated and superior softness and lightness keeps you comfortable. Experience the best synthetic insulation available.