Alta Via Stage Race 2015 – June 12-20 2015

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Liguria Avventura Asd is proud to present the route details of the 2015 edition of the Alta Via Stage Race, the real flagship of the whole event.
The race has all the ingredients that will make it an exciting and tough challenge. Only those that will be able to find and manage the right pace, making sense of the stages one by one, will stay on top of it.

The riders will face a really amazing variety of landscapes and terrains, only possible thanks to the peculiar geography of the Ligurian region, where mountain peaks stand a short distance from beaches and cliffs.
With respect to the last edition, a few aspects have been improved, keeping the focus on the balance between elevation gain and loss. The hard portage sections have been reduced and the riding has now been brought to its maximum potential.
With the help of Guido Pighi, a participant of previous editions of the AVSR and real expert of the region, it is time to take a close look of the stages, one by one.


Alta Via Stage Race is much more than just a race. It’s an adventure, an experience, a chance to really live the sport and be close to nature, the countryside and the history of one of the most beautiful parts of the Mediterranean — the Ligurian coast and hills. Riders will travel the length of the Alta Via — the spine — of the Ligurian mountains, starting from the Province of La Spezia, along the top of the Appenines and the Ligurian Alps, until the Province of Imperia, on the border with France.
To respect the environment and the adventurous nature of the event, the race route is not marked by strips. To orient themselves, the Teams have at their disposal: maps, road books, elevation profiles and GPS tracks, all materials provided by the organization. GPS tracks are the essential tool to follow the path, so each Team must be equipped with a satellite navigation system and should be able to use it with confidence.
Alta Via Stage Race 2015 can be ridden in four different ways: two competitive formulas, with overnight stay in tent (Hero and Weekend) and two non-competitive formulas (Fun and One Day), with overnight stay in accommodation facilities.



Val Gardena Celebrates World Champions

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From 20 – 28 June 2015, Val Gardena’s Hero Bike Festival offers a packed programme. Its most prestigious event – the UCI MTB-Marathon World Championships – is scheduled for 27 June.

The mountain bike marathon “South Tyrol Sellaronda Hero” has developed into a top event in only six years and will this year, for the first time, be crowning its champions. 4,015 participants from around 50 nations will take part in this race which will be opened by 100 men and 50 women in the “Elite” category. They are the top long-distance bike athletes who will fight for every metre and every second to claim the title of World Champion. But the Hero Bike Festival also has plenty to offer for the numerous amateurs and leisure bikers who may be hoping to follow in the footsteps of the champions. The five main races are accompanied by many supporting events including concerts and guided bike rides through the glorious Dolomite landscape.

The 10th anniversary of the Sellaronda Bike Day on 21 June deserves a special mention: each year, around 20,000 bikers crowd the Dolomite passes all around the Sella mountain range. Come to Val Gardena and see bikes and bikers in action!


INFO: Val Gardena


Suedtirol Sellaronda Hero 2015: The World Championships Countdown Starts in Rome

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On Saturday 27 June the Suedtirol Sellaronda HERO has the honour of hosting the UCI Marathon World Championships and there is no better setting for such than the magnificence of the Sella Group.
The first man to pass the  87 kilometre finshing line and the first woman to cross the 60 kilometre line will have the honour of wearing the rainbow jersey presented by the UCI, it the World Cycling Federation.  There will be 4015 bikes from 50 countries, and if a handful of them only may have the chance to win the title the remaining 4000 will have the chance to prove themselves as ‘heroes’, by finishing what is considered to be the world’s toughest mountain bike race.
With an elevation difference of 4700 metres in the 87 kilometre route (and of 3400 metres in the 60 kilometre route) the Suedtirol Sellaronda HERO is something more than a long distance mountain bike race.: «It is a biker’s dream to become a ‘hero’; and for many it is a project which starts a year in advance of the race itself and preparation becomes a part of daily life – so says Peter Runggaldier , an ex ski champion and now the marathon race director – and to boast of the title of HERO has become more and more the  goal of many bike enthusiasts». These enthusiasts often have to resign themselves to be in a waiting list so as to participate for the initial number of race registrations made available is always sold out in just a few hours. Many many wish to take part in the Suedtirol Sellaronda HERO.
The race taking place on Saturday 27 June in Selva Gardena will be the third World Championship Marathon which Italy has hosted, after those of 2008 in Villabassa, in the province of Bolzano, and the one held in  Montebelluna (Treviso) in 2011.

championsGreat champions to line up.
The cream of the world’s long ditance mountain bike elite will be at the starting line of the HERO with just one thing in mind: to win the 2015 world title.
One name which stands out is Jaroslav Kulhavy, Olympic champion in London in 2012 and who has already had some great results in Italy, including the World Championship Marathon event in  Montebelluna in 2011. One who might battle it out with the Czech rider is  the Swiss biker Christoph Sauser who has two world titles to his name (cross-country in 2008 and marathon in 2007) and an Olympic bronze in Sydney in 2000. Also a contender will be Leonardo Paez, the Colombian rider having won the last three HERO races and who makes no sectret of his intention to win the 2015 race as well.
As for the ladies all eyes are pointed on Norwegian Gunn-Rita Dahle, she having Olymic gold from Athens in 2004 and as many as 8 world titles, split beteen cross country and marathon. Another to watch out for is another Olympic champion, German Sabine Spitz, she winning gold in Peking in 2008. These two Olympians will have to fend off the challenge of Danish biker Annika Langvad,  she the reigning World Champion, and the British rider Sally Bigham, she having won the HERO in 2013.

coniCONI supporting the HERO.

It was Giovanni Malagò who did the honours at CONI headquarters in Rome today: «It is a race which fills me with joy and makes me more than happy as it is an area I know very well. As with many other competitions held in South Tyrol the HERO enjoys a strong organisational network and I too am very happy to support it. The mountain bike is one of the cycling disciplines which enriches the Olympic movement and we are naturally very close to the Federation in this. As regards the particular discipline South Tyrol is something of a pilot region able to develop investments of a qualitative type in sport, and the HERO is certainly a testimony to such». Was how the President of CONI underlined the importance of this event».

The HERO: a truly eco-sustianable event.
The HERO takes place in the Dolomites and enyoys and a truly remarkable setting, it having become a  UNESCO World Heritage in 2009, and the race organisers are keen to take all measures to protect the environment and to keep its beauty intact for future generations. «Apart from enjoying World Championship status this year our event is proud of an important recognition, in that it is about to be accepted as one of the Green Events of South Tyrol – informs Genni Tschurtschenthaler, Managing Director of the HERO – events which are organised thinking of environmental considerations, and we are more than happy to commit to reducing as much as possible the impact on the surrounding environment by adopting specific ecological measures.»
Another measure to be utilised by the Organising Committee and in keeping with the ‘green’ approach of the HERO 2015 is to appeal to the sense of civic pride of participants: near to the feed areas there will be ample rubbish deposit containers, and it is asked that the bikers keep all that they normally need to dispose of (creams, cartons, etc etc) until they reach the feed area and can get rid of all in the required manner. To support this beahviour it is also included as a race regulation that whoever does not respect such shall be disqualified.

The support of the Federation.

Alongside Giovanni Malagò also the Italian Cycling Federation, represented by its President Renato Di Rocco, who is happy to confirm the support of the FCI for the event: «We are happy to have supported the HERO throughout its growth and we have no hesitation in saying that it represents the best ‘global’ project ever to have been presented to the Federation. In particular we much appreciate the capacity demonstrated to unite and articulate the race itself with a tourism offer, and in addition to have ignited a very competitive attitude to the sport thoughout its entire home region. The Italian Federation is proud to support the Hero».

MTB cas a tourism product.

From the birth of the Suedtirol Sellaronda HERO in 2010 the Dolomites peaks have become ever more a natural habitat for mountain bike lovers, this thanks principally to the development of paths by the public administration and other authorities responsible for management of the territory in question. This coming summer even more bikers will be able to enjoy the Dolomites, going off-road so as to explore all corners of this stupendous mountain landscape in great comfort and safety. In this regard the four municipalities around the Sella Group (Val di Fassa, Val Gardena together with Alpe di Siusi, Alta Badia, and Arabba) have decided to come together and invest in the “mountain bike” product, creating new routes, and seeking as far as possible to distinguish cycling paths from trekking and walking paths. The aim is to offer to bikers a richer and more extensive choice of itinerary and to this end there is the Sellaronda MTB Tour, it enabling one and all to circumnavigate the four Dolomites passes with the asssitance of the uphill lift facilities.

When competitive sport meets tourism.
It is in this context that on Sunday 28 June that at Canaze in Val di Fassa on 28 June that the Italian Enduro FCI Championship 2015 will be held, it a ‘gravity’ competition  that envisages timed descents of the four passes in the Sellaronda circuit in both Enduro and Freesride disciplines, some downhills already known and others in a continuing phase of development. Connections between the venues is by cablecar or chairlift. All in all the offer is a very integrated product/service in the tourism product range.
Representing the South Tyol branch of the national federation Antonio Lazzarotto declared: «The Hero is an important event in our area as it represents a stimulus for competitive activity and the development of such, and this from very young age groups up. The organisational standard and the image which the event enjoys is a matter of pride for our Federation».

A real mountain bike happening.
The HERO Bike Festival programme is also confirmed and for 9 consecutive days from 20 to 28 June 2015, the Dolomites will be the real heart of the universe as far is mountain biking is concerned. To add to the atmosphere there wll be round tables, shows, exhibitions, music concerts and many side events to do with the world of mountain biking. A world to discover!

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Skiing: Cortina D’Ampezzo (Italy) Awarded 2021 World Championship

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Alpine Ski World Cup Women's SuperG


The Italian resort of Cortina d’Ampezzo was named as the host venue for the 2021 Alpine skiing world championship by International Ski Federation FIS on Monday. Cortina, which hosted the 1956 Winter Olympics, has prevailed after four failed bids to host the championships of 2013, 2015, 2017 and 2019. FIS said Cortina’s was the only bid it accepted for the 2021 championship.

Source: ANSA

Third Alpe di Siusi Half Marathon on July 5th

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The Alpe di Siusi race is back once more on the customary date of the first Sunday in July. The participants will be running alongside some top Kenyan marathon runners, who are honing their skills on their annual summer training camp on the Alpe di Siusi. And, for all those who want a sneak preview of next season’s running wear, the Alpe di Siusi Running Expo is on at the end of July.



The Alpe di Siusi Half Marathon is one to choose not for a “PB”, but rather for the location, and to enjoy a run in an unspoilt countryside and exult in all the breathtaking beauty that Europe’s highest mountain plateau has to offer. The Dolomite peaks Sasso Piatto, Sasso Lungo and Sciliar seem to literally smile down upon you as you run. And then there’s the height: the race takes place at 1,800 – 2,200 m, making it both hard work and utterly mesmerising at the same time.

The Alpe di Siusi Half Marathon is the jewel in the crown of our sporting offer for summer”, says Alex Andreis, Alpe di Siusi Marketing Manager. “It is framed by a running park of 180 km of trails designed for top runners or lovers of the sport who choose us as the ideal place for training”.



And after a winter season as star of the cross-country skiing scene, the Alpe di Siusi is all set to metamorphose into a “complete gym” for runners too, with a summer dedicated to running.
It kicks off on June 28th, when the plateau will host the races of the Kenyan Marathon Team managed by Gianni Demadonna, who has been taking his champions here to train for years.
We then move on to the top event of July 5th, the Half Marathon (closed number of 500 runners) and round it all off with the Alpe di Siusi Running Expo. For the fourth year running, the Expo will be displaying next season’s running shoes on the 26th and 27th of July, giving us all the chance to try them out on the paths of the Alpe di Siusi Running Park.

Information for the public:
Alpe di Siusi
Tel. +39.0471.709.600

A Passion Called Snowboard: The Trevalli Ski Area is a Veritable Paradise for Freestyle Fans!

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In the Trevalli ski area, between the villages of Falcade, Passo San Pellegrino and Moena-Alpe Lusia, snowboard fans have plenty of options to enjoy the world of snow in complete freedom.

Here  you’ll find a veritable  paradise on the Dolomites, with 100 km of ski slopes and 3 snow parks equipped with rails, jumps, kickers, boxes and barrels, where you can experiment new acrobatic moves to the rhythm of music in maximum safety. Each snowpark has artificial snow cannons and all offer different lines for beginners and experts. Plus, qualified instructors are available for anyone who wants to learn how to snowboard or perfect their style. Let’s discover them! 7




Located in the Le Buse district, this park is easily accessible by chairlift from Falcade. It is smoothed over and grouted every evening and it features various structures: a 6-metre box with central and lateral entrances; a terrace with 6-metre and 3- metre kickers; a terrace with 3-metre box;  a 5-metre long, 50 cm diameter  PVC tube with lateral entrances; a 3-metre box on a slight slope; a cannon tube and a13-metre mogul kicker. There are lots of refreshment options nearby.


This park is located in the Campigol  district of Passo San Pellegrino, in a sunny area protected from the wind. It is served by its own quad chairlift. Above the facility there is a shapers’ hut and the starting point for two different lines, one large-medium and a small-jibbing. The large-medium line starts off with a double-kinked super tube and then comes to the first two kickers on the same terrace; one is 10-metres long and the other is 12 metres. The  sequence continues with an 18-metre kicker and two stretches of smooth descent. On the other hand, the small-jibbing line sets off with a 3-metre kicker and proceeds along a continuous ascent until it comes to the 6-metre funbox, all lined up with rails, super tubes and boxes of varying size and difficulty in slope style.

At the bottom the two lines come together in the final large funbox set up with several structures like a cistern that can also be hooked up to the cannon, an uphill super tube and a lollipop.




At Alpe Lusia there is a snowpark that is 900 metres of pure fun, thanks to 36 structures positioned on 14 terraces and 8 jumps from 2 to 15 metres. This is the right place to try out and improve your technical level: even the most complex structures have been designed and set up for a gradual approach. Plus, thanks to its particular disposition, the park allows for a sequential approach to the structures: between kicks and boxes you can hit up to 17 in a row. The big news of the last seasons is the  “Moreastreet Park”: the final part of the park that caters to more experienced riders and features some very street-like structures, including 18 metre fences, obstacles and walls.


Val Gardena (Italy) Winner of the “Top Ski Resort Award 2015”!

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In a European survey the ski website “Snowplaza” has determined the best ski resorts in the Alps. Among the top 20 ski resorts is also Val Gardena as the best Italian ski resort.
So the ski areas in Val Gardena got the Snowplaza Award “Top ski resort 2015”.

At the survey participated about 52,000 skiers from the largest winter sports nations in Europe. The visitors of Snowplaza had the possibility to vote for their own favorite resort choosing between more than 600 ski areas – at the same time they had the chance to win a ski pass for the selected resort. The voting started in mid-December on the websites,,, and

After two months, they got the following result:

No. 1 in Italy: Val Gardena
No. 1 in France: Les Trois Vallèes
No. 1 in Austria: Wilder Kaiser – Brixental
No. 1 in Switzerland: Free Republic of Holiday Saas-Fee
No. 1 in Germany: Ski carousel Winterberg.

INFO: Val Gardena

Südtirol Sellaronda HERO: New Single Trails For New Experiences International Hero and Tourism

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sellaronda hero


The Dolomites, one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the world. No other mountain range in the Alps can boast such a stunning view. The alpine landscape surrounding the Sella Massif is breathtaking and is one of the most famous landscapes in the world: so much so that it has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list.

The Südtirol Sellaronda HERO was born in 2010 and, since then, the mountainsides of the white mountains have been home to an ever growing number of mountain bikers. This was only possible thanks to the extensive work carried out on the paths and trails by local public administration. This summer will see larger groups of bikers making the most of the Dolomites, exploring the area on their mountain bikes in absolute safety.

MTB equals tourism.
The four areas comprising the Sella Group (Val di Fassa, Val Gardena Alpe di Siusi, Alta Badia e Arabba) decided to invest in the ‘mountain bike’ brand: they’ve created new tracks, trying to differentiate the on foot, trekking paths from their mountain bike counterparts. Their endeavour wants to benefit bikers with a richer and more varied experience which also embraces the Sellaronda MTB Tour, which employs lift facilities to ride around the four Dolomite passes. The tourism offer has been incrementally improved in light of the UCI World Championships to be held by the HERO on 27 June.

Downhill MTB adrenaline.
Welcome to the Dolomites: experience new, thrilling rides with our new single trails and Enduro trails. The new, adrenaline-packed world for the daredevil, gravity-defying mountain biker in you!

Tourism is being reshaped as we speak, emerging and changing together with the  HERO: a sustainable and green tourism for the Dolomites’ sensitive landscape. It doesn’t come as a surprise that even Reinhold Messner, the most famous South Tyrolean in the world, has decided to support this ‘new’ way of living the mountains. The Südtirol Sellaronda HERO promotional video, where he recounts his experience of the Dolomites, was met with resounding success.

Single trails fact sheet

Single trail Frara
The Frara single trail starts from Passo Gardena (2,121 m) and descends coasting the ski slope until the Plans-Frara gondola lift to Colfosco (1,645 m). It is around 3 km long, with an elevation gain of 470 metres.
Piz Enduro Tour
An Enduro trail (49 km and 3,480 m elevation gain) in the village of Badia (1,324 m) taking you to Colfosco (1,568 m) across the plateaus between Piz La Ila and Piz Sorega. Use of lift facilities expected. Be prepared for a steep trail of nearly 800 m elevation gain.

Single trail Bec de Roces

Start from the Passo Campolongo (2,160 m) on the Bec de Roces, a beautiful downhill trail ending in Arabba (1,600 m), lasting 3,300 m and with 510 m elevation gain.
Single trail Pordoi
The Pordoi single trail, which starts from Passo Pordoi at 2,239 m and finishes in Pont de Vauz (1,839 m), stretching for 2,700 m and with a 385 m elevation gain.

Freeride Park Belvedere
Demanding bikers will meet their match on the Freeride Park Belvedere: an over 7km-long trail with 800 m elevation gain. The trail starts from Passo Pordoi and ends at Canazei (1,440 m).

Freeride Ciampinoi

An adrenaline-packed trail which starts from the mountain station of the Ciampinoi gondola lift (2,140 m). The Freeride Ciampinoi trail takes you to Selva Gardena (1,600 m) across 2,700 m and on 550 m elevation gain.
Single trails passo Sella e passo Gardena
Val Gardena will open other three Enduro itineraries in the summer of 2015 from Passo Sella (2,244 m) running for 4.5 km and 600 m elevation gain and from Passo Gardena (2,121 m) for 6 km and 550 m elevation gain leading you to Selva Gardena.
Single trail Vallongia
The Vallongia single trail is also new, leading from the Vallongia hut to Selva Gardena across 2.3 km and 460 m elevation gain.

For information: Südtirol Sellaronda HERO