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Climbing Sparkling Moments: the podcast that talks about the climbing movement.

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La Sportiva launches the first weekly storytelling podcast that talks about the game-changer moments of the history of climbing.

In the space of just over thirty years, the sports climbing movement has gone from being a niche sport for a few enthusiasts to a sport within the Tokyo Olympics. But how did it get here? What were the steps, who were the people and which were the moments capable of making this sport evolve in such a decisive way? La Sportiva has identified eleven of them in the first branded podcast in storytelling format, with the eloquent title Climbing Sparkling Moments: “game-changer” stories, which have changed the sport and made it extremely popular today not only in its outdoor declination on rock but above all in indoor gyms, constantly growing in urban centres of metropolises all over the globe.

Written by Emilio Previtali and Federico Ravassard, produced and set to music by Emanuele Lapiana of OsuonoMio with the coordination of Luca Mich, marketing communication manager of La Sportiva, Sparkling Moments is an ideal collection of moments of breaking with the past, of vertical innovation , told with the use of the most innovative soundscaping techniques and with 3D audio technology for a totally immersive experience designed both for listening with headphones and in hi-fi systems and car radios. “The podcast is a medium that allows a very intimate contact with the listener – says Emanuele Lapiana – and that accompanies him in very personal moments of his day, from business trips to training sessions or walks, or even in the office.” “With the Sparkling Moments – adds Mich – La Sportiva offers a new interpretation to some passages and cult characters of the climbing world with a very fresh, modern approach that can please both the growing number of fans of the discipline, as well as to those who have followed the movement since its origins. It is a type of story that we could ideally find in a Netflix series, but with the ease of use of the audio format, the new protagonist of the most advanced storytelling. ” But the innovative scope of the project does not end here because the series will have an international dimension thanks to the adaptation in three languages: Italian, English and German. “It is not just a translation from one language to another – Lapiana specifies – but a real cultural adaptation, varying metaphors, register and historical references depending on the countries in which the podcast will be distributed

The story of the most revolutionary moments of the vertical world is interspersed with the voices of its protagonists: Alex Honnold, Adam Ondra, Jacopo Larcher, Lynn Hill, Patrick Edlinger, Stefan Glowacz, Alexander Huber, Barbara Zangler, Tommy Cladwell, are just some of the protagonists. during the 11 episodes of the podcast. From the first competitions in Bardonecchia ’85 (Piedmont) to the revolution of style told in the seminal film “Opera vertical”, passing through the challenge of Adam Ondra in the recent Olympic qualifiers, from the arrival on the scene of a climber who will bring fame to the walls of El Captan, Alex Honnold’s Oscar-winning free solo exploits, the birth of indoor climbing walls and the stories of how the first climbing shoes were conceived. These are some of the most salient sparkling moments.

The series is available on Spotify, Spreaker, Apple podcasts and on all digital platforms on a weekly basis starting Friday 2 July. The first episode will be “La Spaccata”, and tells how a single gesture, a particular movement in a key passage of a very high difficulty route, forever changes the concept of impossible on the wall. How did climbing achieve today’s popularity? Listening to the Climbing Sparkling Moments podcast can be a great way to find out.  Enjoy listening!

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