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deuter: the Freescape Pro and Gravity Wall Bag win at the 2021 ISPO Awards

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deuter freescape Pro and Gravity Wallbag



In the race to create the most ground-breaking products, the coveted ISPO Award is the benchmark for innovation and ingenuity. And when meticulous
product design, technical sophistication and alpine expertise are rewarded with the ISPO Gold Winner and Winner awards, then you know that the products in question have proven their worth. And so German backpack pioneers deuter are excited to announce that not one, but two of their new products have been recognized: The Freescape Pro, a technical ski mountaineering pack, and the Gravity Wall Bag 50, a comfortable combination of a backpack and haul bag.

Freescape Pro: When it comes to technically challenging ski mountaineering, the stakes are high. The load needs to be evenly distributed, the handling smooth and effective yet adaptable, and access to emergency equipment has to be lightning fast. In 2021, the Freescape Pro represents a whole new level in specialist ski mountaineering equipment. This is a ski touring pack without comparing. But don’t just take our word for it. The judges of the 2021 Awards agreed, granting the Freescape Pro its Gold Winner stamp of approval in the Snowsports Equipment category.

Designed for high-level, multi-day routes with steep ascents and glacier traverses, the Freescape Pro features the deuter Alpine back system for superior ventilation and a solid, secure fit, combined with excellent carry comfort. The handling is also outstanding and highly streamlined. A U-shaped zipper opening on the back panel provides quick access to contents while leaving skis, a snowboard or crampons attached to the pack. The combination of back-panel access and snow-shedding fabric keeps the back system dry at all times. When speed is of the essence, especially on steep ground, the modular gear straps are an effective way of attaching equipment to the pack, and the detachable helmet flap is also quick and easy to use. Two ice axe attachments on the front keep your ice tools close at hand. There is a fleecelined goggles pocket in the lid and a dedicated avalanche equipment compartment for shovel and probe further examples of how this ski touring pack keeps everything in its place. And when it comes to safety, ther is a cell phone pocket on the side, against the back. The position of this is clever for a number of reasons. On the one hand, it keeps your phone within reach in an emergency, while extra padding keeps it securely stowed and prevents the battery from running down fast in the cold. On the other hand, keeping   it away from an avalanche beacon worn on the torso means there is reduced risk of signal interference when lives are on the line. There’s no question the Freescape Pro is the perfect option for multisustainable sky traverses, but it is also a sustainable and long-lasting one too. The body fabric is made from 100% recycled materials and is bluesign® certified, and the entire pack is PFC free.The capacity of the Freescape Pro model extends to 40 liters, and in the women’s SL version up to 38 liters.





Gravity Wall Bag 50: The technical Gravity series from deuter epitomizes the company’s longlasting heritage in mountaineering. For years the backpack pioneers at deuter have worked closely with climbers and high-altitude mountaineers like Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner, Fabian Buhl and Melissa le Nevé on developing the models in this series. For the FW 21 season, the Gravity series has again been fine-tuned to meet the needs of this target group even better and also to uphold deuter’s strict  sustainability standard. And so for fall / winter 2021 deuter has perfected its Gravity Wall Bag 50 to create a comfortable backpack combined with a sturdy haul bag.

deuter Gravity Wall Bag 50


When it comes to big-wall climbing, organization is key. From hauling gear to carrying food onto the wall, the equipment used to carry it all has to fulfill a multitude of functions.

The Gravity Wall Bag 50 features deuter’s proven Alpine back system that stabilizes the load and keeps it snug against the body for zero load wobble and improved carry comfort. Built-in haul loops, a cover for the back system and compression for the main opening make it quick and easy to convert this pack into the cylindrical shape of a classical haul bag. This also ensure the pack doesn’t snag on the rocks and makes for  smooth and easing hauling. hardwearing, ripstop and water-repellent TPU material protects the bag from both the rock and contents alike. If you need to access any gear at the belay station, the zip opening down the middle of the back system is a quick option. A zipper pocket on the outside for valuables is also easy to access and features a key clip.  And the judges at this year’s ISPO awards where equally impressed, granting the Gravity Wall Bag 50 their Winner award.

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