Diversity in the Outdoors: Opportunities Within Grasp. Interview with Keme Nzerem and Phil Young

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While understanding the lack of diversity in the outdoors requires deep insight into various societal dynamics, opportunities to increase diversity are actually very much within grasp. This interview with Keme Nzerem and Phil Young explores what it takes to increase diversity in the outdoors successfully.

Keme Nzerem: Award winning journalist and filmmaker Keme Nzerem has travelled the world reporting for Channel 4 News. He’s covered global stories from the election of President Barack Obama, to the World Cup in South Africa. He was the face of Channel 4 News’ BAFTA nominated Black to Front day coverage, which elevated Black stories and Black production staff. Keme’s also a passionate bikepacker and skier, and is often one of the few Black or Brown people on the trail. He is a co-founder of Opening up the Outdoors, the incoming Vice President of the It’s Great Out There Coalition, and a trustee for the Ethical Journalism Network.

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Interviews: Jessica Ceotto
Video editing: Andrea Monticelli.