Eva Walkner and Jackie Paaso present:
“Evolution of Dreams”

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What happens when the passion for your dreams fades? Do you just stop? Or do you search for what’s missing and uncover new dreams and goals? Eva and Jackie’s journeys have taken them from regulated ski courses to big mountain skiing which allowed them more freedom. Throughout that journey, they’ve discovered another aspect of skiing, ski mountaineering. In this new discipline, they have to tackle new challenges and conquer new fears. It’s their evolution of dreams.

Eva and Jackie met ten years ago while competing on the Freeride World Tour. Over the year’s great success followed, both in the form of victories and life experiences. The path to the top wasn’t always what they had dreamt of. The discovery of freeriding came after failure and misfortune within their original dreams leading them to where they are today. Eva a former alpine racer and member of the Austrian national team and Jackie a former mogul skier with a Jr. World Championship title under her belt both walked away from dreams of Olympic gold. The pain that follows after you stop doing something that you love can be debilitating. The strength you gain from pushing through and continuing to believe in yourself can be empowering.

Today, Eva Walkner, is recognized as one of the best big mountain competitors in the world. Jackie Paaso is known for her all in or nothing mentality in the mountains. They have found themselves among the ranks of the best big mountain skiers in the world. Highly motivated they are have both found having goals and dreams in life is not only what drives them but it’s also an essential part of their happiness. These days they have now switched their sights from the competition world to new aspects of skiing, such as ski mountaineering. With the goal of climbing and skiing the Eiger more obstacles are thrown their way. Do they let that stop them? Follow them this fall in “Evolution of Dreams” to find out!

Film Details:

Title: Evolution of Dreams
Genre: Documentary/Sports/Big Mountain Skiing
Duration: 26’

Directed by: Carina Brunnauer, Eva Walkner & Jackie Paaso
Produced by: Eva Walkner & Jackie Paaso
Edited by: Emanuel Förster

Starring: Eva Walkner & Jackie Paaso
Angelika Kaufmann, Jana Häusl & Marion Poitevin

Location: Andermatt-Switzerland, Grindelwald-Switzerland, Montafon-Austria, Golden-Canada, St. Anton-Austria and more.
Language: English & German
Subtitles: English, German, French &Italian
Format: ProRes 422_HD.

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