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Ferrino backpacks Summer 2019:
the spirit inside a backpack

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The backpack preparation time is the moment preceding a journey of any duration or type. At the beginning the backpack is empty and you look at it imagining what will await you once you leave. First you have to collect your thoughts and fears and then you will close a little part of your spirit in it. It is the moment of waiting, the occasion to start to realize your projects. In this almost spiritual rite, you have the opportunity to do without the superfluous and to compress what is necessary. In the end, it will be you and your backpack.

Ferrino, the Italian company that produces outdoor gear since 1870, offers a wide range of backpacks, entirely designed in Italy, that respond well to the needs of outdoor travellers and adventure enthusiasts: mountaineering, hiking, trail running, climbing , lifestyle, … All different worlds that need different philosophies and technologies, but who share one great passion in common: living the outdoor at 360 °.

Trekking: Finisterre (Restyling 2019)
Active: Zephyr.
Trail running: X-Rush Vest
Apparel: Congaree Jacket
Sacco Letto: Mystic
Tent: Force 2

INFO: Ferrino