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Ferrino presents the new digital historical archive: “150 years are a unique value”

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2020 is the year of Ferrino ’s 150th anniversary: a long history of people, passion, products, mountaineering achievements and explorations. Companies that seemed impossible and that instead have become reality. Ferrino’s history goes hand in hand with the evolution of the outdoor world in Italy, its successes and conquests, including international ones.

It is with this awareness that Ferrino, for its 150 years, wanted to give itself a Digital Archive, a tool capable of cataloguing and sharing all the memories, anecdotes and testimonies of the brand, to create a future memory. A strategic structure for the company, thus able to make its history accessible, digital, and easy to use.


“Ferrino has often had the courage to explore new paths in advance – explains Anna Ferrino, Ad of Ferrino & C. Spa – and this new digital archive is further proof of our desire to look to the future”.

“Bringing order – he continues – has allowed us to bring back memories, precious and relevant documents and make them easily traceable and consultable. Statutes, trademark registrations, patents, postcards, shipping letters and everything related to the products: from the first sketches, to colour studies, up to the related communication campaigns”.

Useful documents for all the brand’s corporate departments: designers will find inspiration in the milestones of each collection and develop new products, communication will have an inexhaustible mine of stories that reflect not only the history of Ferrino, but also the customs of an entire company and its relationship with the outdoors and exploration over a century and a half of history.

Finally, Anna Ferrino points out, “the Digital Archive is not only a strategic and agile tool to tell us, but also a valuable ally in the management of workflows aimed at preserving new projects, with an approach that is now more structured”.

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