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Ferrino opens the way in the outdoors world with a revolutionary tent project: Tent Set.

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Ferrino, celebrating its 150° anniversary, opens the way in the outdoors world with a revolutionary tent project. Thanks to the absolute new Tent Set, from today everyone can compose and customize the tent of his dreams, perfectly suitable to his adventures.

Who knows what the outdoor pioneer would have said in 1870, time in which Ferrino was born, about being able to customize their tents relying on the same professional who have designed it… they would probably thought about an impossible dream to realize. Until today no company has created a tent project like this, programmed around the specific needs for every single user. No outdoor company has started to follow yet this road that Ferrino decided to take from today, anticipating times with its project Tent Set.How can you buy such an innovative product? It’s very easy: you can just connect to our website or visit some selected Ferrino’s store. Being partners of the project, they will support the purchasing process.For creating a tent first decide for how many people, two or three, and choose the poles. Then select which flysheet and the inner tent you want. Now choose the type of pegs and the accessories, the gear loft, the bag, an additional footprint and the deadman to obtain a product with the most closer feature to your requirements. Pearl of wisdom: at the end of the selection, you can customize the flysheet with special graphics to make your product even more unique.

Even the less experienced user can proceed independently, being helped by an apposite counter able to indicate, besides the price and the weight of the chosen pieces, the level of resistance to the wind and the thermal insulation, essential information to choose the optimal product.

Another very interesting aspect of the Tent Set project is that it allows future modifications and updates according your new and different needs. For example, you can choose to have lighter materials for a bicycle ride or more resistant ones for an adventure on the snow.

With the Tent Set product customization you have therefore the possibility to create a single tent who is able to be transformed for every different seasons and exploration terrains, optimizing costs and reducing wastes.

An ode to efficiency, which reflects the fundamental value of Ferrino’s policy – to offer to its customers a product that lasts over the time – and the company’s commitment to sustainability. The Tent Set system makes it possible to combine several tents into one, reducing – with the same functionality – consumption of resources, waste of materials and general garbage produced.

The perfect tent for any adventure! No matters if it’s summer or winter, in the sand or in the snow: just add some accessory and component to turn your tent suitable for any weather conditions.
How’s that possible? Thanks to its unique and revolutionary project: Tent Set.
Tent Set is composed by 40 objects and, thanks to an online program, it can be setted up into several combinations.Tents can be for 2 or 3 people and it’s possible to set up in some different ways the inner tent, the poles, the flysheets, accessories and bags. Choosing between the different colour combinations or adding writing and graphic elements, you can customize your tent turning into a unique piece! The price for a 2 people complete combination starts from 280€ for a base tent, reaching 370€ for the most professional ones.

A practical versatility example.
We can choose the elements creating an ultra-light combination, compact and quick to set up, perfect for backpackers and cyclist (2.580 g / 310 €). Tough if you only change the external sheet (175€) you can have a 4 season tent suitable for high mountain expeditions, with the most hard weather conditions.

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