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Garmont® Defines Its Tactical And Wild Life Distribution Structure

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manuele-barbon_garmont-tactical-emea-sales-managerGarmont International Srl
, premier international producer of performance footwear for outdoor and military pursuits, has announced plans to create a distribution network in Europe for its Tactical and Wild Life lines of boots.  This new distribution network will be headed by Manuele Barbon, Sales Manager EMEA (Europe – Middle East – Africa), Tactical and Wild Life.

Building on its strong and structured presence on the US and Australian markets with its Tactical line of products, Garmont has decided to start distributing the Tactical and Wild Life lines also in Europe and the Middle East with the aim of strengthening its presence across different territories.

To this effect, Military Gear Center (MGC) was recently appointed as the official distributor for the Garmont Tactical line in Austria and Germany.

The reorganization of the Garmont sales network for these collections is also already underway in those European countries where demand for these lines is growing;  in particular in Italy, UK, Benelux and France where the brand is already distributed via sales agencies.

Garmont will also be exhibiting for the first time at the IWA OutdoorClassics tradeshow in Nurnberg Germany next March 2017.  IWA OutdoorClassics is the most important tradeshow in Europe for shooting sports, on-off duty activities, and for civilian and official security applications. The show therefore offers Garmont® a great opportunity to showcase the full breadth of its Tactical and Wild Life footwear collections and establish new business relations with players from an international audience.

“Further to last months’ appointments regarding Outdoor distribution partners, we are proud to announce this new sales structure, with the aim of further strengthening the presence of the Garmont brand in Europe and the Middle East” commented Marco Sancandi, Garmont International Operations Director. “This differentiated distribution strategy allows us to better structure our sales department to better service the distinct needs of our customers.  We look forward to working closely with MGC to build strong customer relationships and promote the Garmont® brand on its markets.”

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