How Business and Philanthropy Can FeedEach Other? Interview with Katy Stevens

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1% for the Planet is a non profit organization, co-founded 20 years ago by Yvon Chouinard, owner and founder of Patagonia, with the goal of raising the total amount that is dedicated to environmental organizations, by convincing companies to commit 1% of their net sales to pre-selected non profits. 20 years later, 1% for the Planet gathers more than 6000 companies worldwide, and still grows drastically. While it’s commonly understood that businesses feed philanthropy, it’s less known that the contrary is true : building partnerships with non profits is a cost, but has many advantages.

This interview with Dr. Katy Stevens shows how 1% model is simple, efficient and how business and philanthropy can feed each other. The Decarbonisation Acceleration Fund is a collaborative fund and philanthropic opportunity dedicated to supporting decarbonisation projects and climate mitigation actions within supply chains related to the outdoor industry. It is a great opportunity for the industry to approach decarbonisation differently, to engage the collaborative spirit, and resilience for which the industry is well known, as well as leveraging opportunities such as overlaps in supply chains that our industry provides us.

Dr. Katy Stevens has over 15 years’ experience working in the textile industry in a variety of roles including research, product development, and sustainability. She has a BSc in Materials Science and a PhD in Technical Textiles. She has worked with the European Outdoor Group for 4 years, and in her current role as Head of CSR and Sustainability she facilitates and encourages brands to increase industry action to bring environmental and ethical considerations to the complex challenges of the textile supply chain.

Interviews: Jessica Ceotto
Video editing: Andrea Monticelli.