Video Technology Introduction PrimaLoft® Insulation Thermoplume. Interview By Jochen Lagemann

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PrimaLoft® Insulation ThermoPlume is not only the highest performing blowable synthetic insulation, but also fills a growing demand for innovation from designers, brands and consumers looking to move away from down and improving the performance. Providing a blowable, high-performing synthetic that acts as a true replacement for down allows brands to replicate the design aesthetic and the manufacturing process of a down garment.

The Interview Video with Jochen Lagemann (Managing Director Primaloft Europe & Asia) describes the technology perfectly and shows how it looks in the inside. It is the true alternative to down. This innovation helps to simplify the supply chain, combat the volatility of down prices and provides piece of mind when it comes to the ethical sourcing of materials. Brands who offer that technology for FW17 are: Montane, Mountain Force, Ferrino, Ciesse Outdoor, Crazy Idea, Sun Valley, Geox, Hetrego, Slam and others in the outdoor and fashion industry.

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