Introducing the New Website For the Salomon Gore-Tex® MaXi-Race !

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New partners and a new look! Lake Annecy and its unmistakeable landscapes take centre page on our new website, live since 15 September. Representing the lake, blue is the key colour and we have placed spectacular photos throughout the site.

For the launch of this 7th edition, has been improved with a more dynamic layout and colour scheme. This development corresponds with a time of change for the event, with our two new key sponsors, Salomon and Gore-Tex®, and new offical suppliers. Photos act as portals into each race, leading to all the essential information, more easily accessible than ever before.The registration page will be available in a few weeks’ time.

Important dates:

  • 15 November 2016 : opening of registration for the new Ultra Race – 110 km – 7 000 elevation – 30 h max –
  • 1 Decembre 2016 : opening of registration for all other races.

More than just a trail race, the Maxi Race, takes you on a journey, an adventure of selfdiscovery amongst exquisite, unique landscapes.Whether you run alone or in a relay team, regardless of your level or your goals, there is an event for everyone. From the Ultra to the Vertical-Race or the Marathon, you can choose the right race which will push you to develop your mountain skills and allow you to enjoy Annecy lake. Along these unique, well-preserved trails you will witness incredible views of the lake and discover the traditions and gems that the Haute Savoie has to offer.

9 races in 3 days!

Whether you love long journeys in the mountains or short, intense bursts, there will be 9 races from 27 to 29 May 2017, from just 4km up to the 110km Ultra! Whether you’re just stating out in trail running or a seasoned veteran, alone or in a team, in a single days or over several, you’ll find the perfect race for you!


– New for 2017 : Ultra Race  110 km, 7 000 m+, 30 h max
The Ultra Race, a 110km ultra trail, is without doubt the most demanding course, a true personal challenge requiring dedicated and detailed preparation! Previous experience of Ultra races is recommended! Registration opens 15 November

– The key race: MaXi-Race  83 km, 5 200 m+
Limited to 1 500 runners, this is the original race where it all began! Registration opens 01 December

– The tour of the lake in 2 days : XL Race 84 km, 5 200 m+
Limited to 250 runners, this is an opportunity to discover the world of ultra whilst enjoying the landscape. Registration opens 01 December.

– Share the challenge : R-Race 83 km, 5 200 m m+ in relay teams of 2 or 4
Limited to 100 in relay 2 and 400 in relay 4, A group adventure filled with excitement! Registration opens 01 December

– Half of the Tour of Lake Annecy : Marathon-Race 42 km, 2 800 m+
Limited to 1 500 runners, the race sets off from Doussard and takes in all the best viewpoints of the lake. Registration opens 01 December

– Ladies only : Femina-Race  15 km, 900 m+
Limited to 300 ladies aged 16 or over. The Femina-Race starts in Menthon St-Bernard, and covers the final section of the tour of the lake. Registration opens 01 December.

– An introduction to trail racing : Short Race  15 km, 900 m+
Limited to 300 runners, it also covers the final section of the tour of the lake, with unforgettable views over Annecy Lake. Registration opens 01 December

– The steep climb : Vertical Race 4 km, 830 m+
Limitéed to 100 runners, this is an explosive race, withe spectacular views of the lake from the top of mont Baron. Registration opens 01 December

– Mini-Races
Races for children with 3 distances: 100, 300 and 500 m.



Friday 26 May 2017

· 12.30pm : Opening of the MaXi-Village and distribution of bib numbers (see timings on race info pages) – Albigny beach Annecy le Vieux

· 12.30pm – 5.20pm : Distribution of bib numbers for the V-Race at MaXi-village

· 5.50 : Briefing for the Vertical-Race at Petit Port – Annecy-le-Vieux (1,2km east of bib distribution point)

· 6pm : Start of the Vertical-Race every 10 seconds from Petit Port – Annecy-le-Vieux


Saturday 27 May 2017

· 1.30am : Start of Ultra Race – 110 km – Albigny beach Annecy le Vieux

· 5.00am : Start of MaXi-Race with 2000 runners -Albigny beach Annecy le Vieux

· 5.20am : Start of day 1 of XL-Race and the R-Races (Relay) – Albigny beach Annecy le Vieux

· 8.30am : Start of Fémina-Race – Menthon-st-Bernard

· 9.30am : Opening of MaXi-Village – Albigny beach Annecy le Vieux

· From 10am : Arrival of runners ( staggered arrivals until Sunday morning) – Albigny beach Annecy le Vieux

· 2pm: Arrival 1st men from the 83km then 1st ladies (around 3pm – Albigny beach Annecy le Vieux

· 2.30pm :Arrival of 1st men from the 110km then the 1st ladies (around4pm) – Albigny beach Annecy le Vieux

· 4.30pm-5pm: Start of children’s Mini-Race (see details on the Mini-Race page)- Albigny beach Annecy le Vieux.

Sunday 28 May 2017

· 6.30am : Start of day 2 of XL-Race – Doussard

· 7.30am : Start of Marathon-Race – Doussard

· 8.30am – Start of Short-Race 15km – Menthon St Bernard

· 10am : Opening of MaXi-Village – Albigny beach Annecy le Vieux

· 6.30pm : Arrival of last finisher, all races closed – Albigny beach Annecy le Vieux

· 7pm: Closing of MaXi-Village.


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