La Sportiva Climb-in-Gym Tour. The Test&Feel Event is Ready to Make the Tour of Europe!

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Flyer_Fronte38 dates, 38 climbing gyms. 7 countries and 7 new shoes to be tested. These are the numbers that make up the La Sportiva Climb in GYM tour, from March in the best gyms in Europe.

There was something in the air. There was a certain buzz going around some of the best gyms in Europe. Some people were already talking about it, others were hoping for it, others still were asking about it, and now finally, here it is: the Climb-In-Gym tour is all set to go.

La Sportiva presents Climb-in-Gym, the tour event that will bring the best products developed by the Company from Trentino, all around Europe. With an unprecedented number of venues and dates, this climbing carousel presents a full programme of 38 events spread across seven European countries: Italy, Austria, Germany, UK, France, Holland and Belgium.

The event has a new name, and comes in a new “maxi” format, compared to what we were used to, but the style remains the same: because as each Test & Feel event, the aim of La Sportiva is not only to raise awareness of the new products launched on the market: but the ‘intention is also to share with its followers , the passion that continues to drive the company forward since it first started to produce shoes in Val di Fiemme in 1928. A passion that generation after generation has allowed us to dream bigger, more ambitious dreams, leading us to today to this first European tour.

38 dates, 38 different occasions to try our climbing shoes and all the garments in our new clothing collection dedicated to the world of climbing and time also to engage with our staff, who will be present at all the events and willing to answer all you questions. In fact, it is precisely through the constant collaboration and confrontation of our R & D department and some of the best international climbers that the most specific components of each new product has been developed: a unique and special collaboration, that has been continuing for over 80 years.

A full range from the brand new shoes with the S-Heel construction, Skwama and Otaki, to the complete No-Edge line with the Genius, Futura and Speedster models, not to mention the new entry for summer 2016 dedicated to beginners, Finale, in its men’s and women version. Each event will present a complete collection that through the variety of its models wants to ensure the right shoe for every style and technique of climbing.

A collection that seeks to create a total look by adding a colourful and dedicated clothing line to the footwear collection. All this, as always, in pure La Sportiva style, where innovation, sensitivity and precision are combined with passion, skill and brilliance.

From March 7th to April 14th, do not miss the opportunity to participate in one of the stages of this first European Climb-in-GYM Tour. Find your most convenient gym and event date!

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The Tour Day by Day, Country by Country.

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