La Sportiva Launches
the “Strange Heroes” Miniseries

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The La Sportiva “Strange Heroes” miniseries is on its way, featuring athletes from La Sportiva’s climbing team.

The company from Ziano di Fiemme launches a web series on youtube that aims to find out what really drives a climber to constantly push beyond limits. This new series, created in collaboration with the Sfelab creative studios, is a combination of computer graphics and comic strips and draws inspiration from the LaSpokids series. La Sportiva drives straight to the heart of the climber to discover the monster within, which personifies the motivation that encourages climbers to constantly improve their performance, the driving force that allows them to reach beyond limits.

In the first episode we see La Sportiva’s polyvalent athlete Jacopo Larcher, come face to face with his own “demon”…a monstrous octopus that attempts to hold him back as he climbs: a clear allegory of the fears and uncertainties that must be constantly overcome in order to excel. Jacopo faces this challenge while training in Milan’s Rockspot gym too, the ideal place to overcome particular personal challenges both in climbing and in life.

A fun web series, with a very serious message, strong visuals and careful attention paid to every detail, as in the previous web series created by the Sfelab studios: “How No-Edge Changed My Life”. All strictly, Made in Italy.

Follow the La Sportiva youtube channel and the playlist “La Sportiva Strange Heroes” fun is guaranteed.

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The protagonist: Jacopo Larcher Born in Merano in October 1989, Jacopo Larcher is one of the strongest polyvalent athletes on the International climbing scene. His climbing career so far is a clear example of a climber’s journey of self discovery and constant evolution. Jacopo started climbing on synt rock at a very early age and took part in a number of climbing competitions that confirmed his strength as an athlete both in Italy and in Europe. In 2006 he started to travel the world and explore nature and different styles of climbing. He discovered the world of crag climbing and began to repeat difficult routes up to grade 9a. He spent many years, repeating and opening very difficult lines, until the turning point in his climbing career which saw him move towards the world of trad climbing and alpinism, a type of climbing where psychological and mental aspects prevail. Jacopo defines this event as the great change that allowed him to see the world in a more comprehensive way. His dream is to travel to travel the world climbing and continue discovering new and demanding “big walls”.

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