William Bon Mardion: a working class hero (Full Version)

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Some people know him as an athlete sponsored by La Sportiva, others as a leading ski mountaineer, still others as world champion and many times winner of the most important alpine ski races (William is also the champion of one of the most prestigious competitions in the Alps, the Pierra Menta). Indeed, in the case of French born William Bon Mardion, there is much more than all this. His is a story of a country boy dedicated to his family, work and sport, areas in which he invests his total energy, effort and passion; the story of a man who lives in the mountains and is therefore used to facing a strenuous uphill route every day in both work and play. His is a story of those who know that glory is earned through hard work and dedication… which is the very essence of ski mountaineering, a sport where physical preparation, concentration and technique are key requirements to be able to reach the most inviolable heights and places.

And in this story, a film documentary proposed by the Ziano di Fiemme based company,  La Sportiva sees similitudes with many of its values as a mountain based company and with a strong artisan legacy. William is a great athlete but also a skilled cheese maker at the historic Beaufort dairy farm in Areches, France. For this reason too he also embodies the essence of the company, which derives from an important shoemaking tradition.

For this reason to see the most technologically advanced product of Ziano company, Stratos Cube, reach new heights of the racing world, has a flavour all its own and completes the technical offer which the company has been supplying to the market for over 80 years: passion and innovation, craftsmanship and technology.

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