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La Sportiva SS2018 Collection Focus

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© Claudia Ziegler

The 2017 edition of the OutDoor trade show in Friedrichshafen, Germany will be an opportunity for La Sportiva, market leaders in the production of technical mountaineering footwear and apparel, to continue telling their long story, a tale of passion, innovation and constant challenges which has now reached the important 90 year goal.

The history of La Sportiva, founded in 1928, is a tail of ongoing evolution and is characterized by the continued challenges that the brand faces in its aim to keep ahead of the times, investing day by day to build the future of a company that thinks, develops and produces in Italy.

The company from Ziano di Fiemme, Trentino, Dolomites, has grown in recent years from being a manufacturer of technical mountaineering boots to what is today a global brand, passing through generational changes with determination and stimulating growth as it continues to stand in the front line of innovation, prioritizing care for the environment, evolving while remaining true to the Fiemme Valley where today, almost 300 employees work in a production plant that, in 2018, will add a further 4000 square metres wing and new areas for sales and marketing.
The SS18 collection that will be presented to the pubic at the Outdoor Show from the 18
th to the 21st of June, represents this growth at its best, with products that satisfy the needs of all mountain enthusiasts through a complete and varied collection in constant movement towards the future.

© Claudia Ziegler


APPAREL: a wide range of new products that focus on specific segments alongside an aesthetic restyling that blends last season’s vertical geometrics to the concept of MOVEMENT for an extremely dynamic look, projected towards the future.

NO TRAIN, NO GAME. With this claim La Sportiva introduces its new capsule collection CLIMBING TRAINING designed to meet the demands of the metropolitan climber who approaches the sport through indoor gyms, a world wide reality that has spread rapidly with climbers, identifying different aesthetic tastes, movements and habits.

Make way for a line of clothing that combines the practicality designed for climbing to a new urban appeal designed for today’s climbing community.
Every detail has been studied with care from fit to colour range, the use of anti-bacterial
Polygiene® and the naming of the products that form the capsule: Push, Strive, Force are some of the names that also features some of the characteristics necessary in order to be successful both when training and competing. No train, No game Whether you approach the sport as an alternative to fitness training or whether you have been climbing for years striving to go beyond your climbing grade, everything starts with the training session.

COMFORT IN THE CRAGS AND ON THE WALLS. The Traverse line presents a range of technical clothing dedicated to climbing in the crags and on multi-pitch walls: abrasion resistant, breathable fabrics, protective features and the maximum comfort: each detail has been designed to be both functional when climbing and aesthetically appealing to the climbing enthusiast.

THE BEST TECHNOLOGY FOR OFF-ROAD RUNNING. The capsule collection is dedicated to trail running competitions and includes: Mach Vest, Velox Short and Arrow Tight, focusing on maximum performance, these garments use innovative fabrics and Kinetech® solutions: in particular Kinetech Graded™ and the compression technology that allows an increase to venous blood return and increases proprioception and Kinetech Wolf™, a 100% Made in Italy, eco-friendly fabric with exceptional water resistant and thermal properties.

FOOTWEAR: There are important and significant novelties in the Footwear collection too which sees the restyling, or “Reboot”, of the traditional climbing shoes, the insertion of 2 new models featuring Gore-Tex Surround in the Mountain Hiking range, new models in the Approach Traverse X range dedicated to approach routes and 3 new shoes in the Mountain Running® collection, an increasingly strategic segment for the company where La Sportiva have introduced Unika, the first trail running shoe to be completely made in Europe.

OPERATION REBOOT. La Sportiva celebrates its 90th anniversary with a reboot of its climbing line: there are 3 classic models involved in the modernization operation with more modern designs and aesthetic solutions in line with the times. Make way then for the new versions of Miura, Futura, Cobra, Katana and Solution!
The new climbing shoe
GECKOGYM, specifically dedicated to indoor use, a new world trend, completes the line and is therefore made with washable materials and non-marking FriXion soles.

© Claudia Ziegler

There are three new products in the La Sportiva MOUNTAIN RUNNING line, a sector created by the company back in the year 2000, each one dedicated to a different style of mountain running. Unika as the name suggests, is a new product that has been designed, developed and, for the first time, produced in Europe. Dedicated to ultra races and for prolonged use, it adopts the innovative infinitoo technology, a soft, polyurethane midsole with a very high level of energy return and infinite durability. The new collection also VK, a product specifically dedicated to the world of the Vertical Kilometer developed according to the needs of the only man to have run the Vertical Kilometre in less than half an hour: Urban Zemmer. Password: lightweight (under 190 grams). Lycan is the most versatile of the new entries, and can be used for both skyrace trails and for training sessions.

SURROUND EFFECT. The Mountain Hiking continues to grow with the introduction of new generation, fast track hiking boots with Gore-Tex® Surround® technology that increases the breathable surface allowing total breathability thanks to the increased ventilation surface including uppers, insole and, for the first time, the lateral perforated midsole. Spire and Stream GTX are the two new proposals respectively low and high cut.

APPROACH BECOMES TRAVERSE. Created as a capsule collection from the line dedicated to technical approach routes, the Traverse X line, is today the core of the line and counts as many as products with the addition of TX2 Leather, a super comfortable product that suits both approach routes and free time activities given its comfort and strong aesthetic appeal and TX5 GTX: a protective crossover shoe between hiking and approach.

SS 2018 collection here!

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