More Than Running? Trail running! La Sportiva Explains What Makes It Special

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In recent years the running market has undergone a rapid expansion and diversification and even those athletes who have always preferred road running now focus on other forms: off-road, trail running, nature trails, city park trails or, better yet, the pristine mountain trails.

Trail running, or in the interpretation of La Sportiva Mountain Running (the trademark registered by the company in 2000 at the very beginning of the trail movement) allows the athlete to enjoy the outdoors, immersed in nature, taking advantage not only of the environment and the fresh air, but also of the rough terrain, with exciting obstacles to be overcome, and a less traumatic, softer running ground when compared to a track or to the classic asphalt.

Furthermore, the variety of products available today, allows the runner to face all possible surfaces from mixed Ultra Trail paths, soft Fell Running trails to rocky Sky Running terrain: disciplines for which La Sportiva provides a varied range of footwear with specific characteristics, because trail running, just as road racing, is intended for everyone, and is often more fun and varied too.

How best to summarize all this in video and in a few words? La Sportiva explains it to us in a short video filmed as part of the LabStories collection to answer the question: what could be more beautiful than running? You should know the answer…

More than running? Trail Running. Enjoy the video and have fun running off-road, maybe in the company of newcomer Akasha protagonist of the video.

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