Nanga Parbat, the Cursed Mountain, 8125 meters Daniele Nardi Ready to Attack the Summit

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212px-daniele-nardi-nanga-parbat-2015-fonte-press-SalewaThe attempt to reach the Nanga Parbat summit during winter continues with winds, snow, frost and enormous efforts.

Unti today no climber has ever succeeded in this attempt.The group composed by Daniele Nardi, Alex and Ali Txikon Sadpara, has just reached the C4 basecap, Kinshofer (altitude 7200 m), and is already preparing to attack the summit just after midnight.

The extreme weather conditions have severely affected the attempt to conquer the summit but the mountaineer from Latina is strongly determined to complete the venture, in order to bring to the italian mountain world and himself, a new success.