Non-stop Adrenalin – Free Riding with GORE-TEX® Winter Styles

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Afar from groomed trails no regular skier can be found but the true adventure for the free-rider is about to begin. Floating onto deep powder snow passing deep slopes and you can feel the exhilaration rising. For this exciting outdoor feeling speed seekers need to rely on themselves as well as their GORE-TEX® products for winter, which even under extreme exposure gives a relaxed shoulder.

gore11Why does skiing gear with the GORE-TEX® membrane can maintain the perfect body temperature?

The ideal body temperature is 37 degrees.  Because during your free ride you easily start sweating it is important to stay in this comfort zone. With this in mind it is paramount for the excess of moistures to leave the body as quickly as possible. Garments with integrated GORE-TEX® product technology are highly breathable as well as being durably waterproof and windproof. The GORE-TEX® membrane is bonded to the face fabric and the inner lining. With this technology the jacket is invisibly protected against wetness and at the same time stays breathable. The microporous structure with the unique structure of the pores enables for the perspiration to escape as well as for the rain to drip of.

gore2Why are GORE-TEX® gloves a must-have for every ski-outfit?

Cold hands can spoil the mood of every free-rider. To prevent this from happening the company Gore developed gloves which protect your hands from the cold, the damp and the wind. The dampness, caused when you sweat during your free ride or when water penetrates from the outside, cools down quite significantly during your pauses. The GORE-TEX® membrane ensures that the perspiration can escape from the inside and prevents water from flowing in. The result: warm flexible hands.

Special about this product technology is the unique membrane with a microporous structure. Built into the glove as an insert, the GORE-TEX® membrane ensures that the glove remains durably waterproof and breathable. The different isolations offer a brilliant thermal insulation even during various weather conditions.


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