Finding Balance and Success within Disorder: EOS 2022 Video Spot and Interviews.

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The European OutDoor Summit 2022 is over and EOG is already thinking about the 2023 edition in Germany. But before of it, let’s recap the key concepts discussed in Annecy.
Mountainblog presents a web reportage packed with information and insights: the voices of speakers and protagonists recorded at the Summit. Click on the grey labels below to watch the different interviews.


Andrew Martin

Vice President, Membership and Stakeholder Engagement Sustainable Apparel Coalition

Interview With Andrew Martin


As we started to emerge from the global coronavirus crisis that exposed the cracks in our global economic interdependence and the fragility of our industry, especially our supply chains, we then leapt straight into the war in the Ukraine blowing up commodity markets, while the impacts of climate change continually tighten the screws on the way in which we conduct business...


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Interviews: Jessica Ceotto
Video editing: Andrea Monticelli.