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OutDry Technology for Footwear: Video Presentation

Published by Mountainblog on .

Matteo Morlacchi (General Manager OutDry Technologies) presents the OutDry Technology for footwear.

For OutDry, the membrane is only one of the components of a wider system. In fact, at the heart of the OutDry structure, the OutDry patented lamination process allows the membrane to perfectly fit and seal the closed footwear outer upper or the glove shell, eliminating all possible water entry points and really keeping water out of your footwear and gloves.

In footwear. The traditional method of water proofing footwear is the ‘bootie’ system: a sock shaped lining made of a waterproof and breathable membrane and separated from the outer upper, thus leaving a cavity between the outer upper and the waterproof barrier. This bootie system has been around for decades, and in wet conditions, although not reaching the foot, water penetrates the outer upper. As water collects in between the bootie and the outer upper the soaked footwear becomes much heavier and the membrane breathability is significantly compromised, it also takes an eternity for the footwear to completely dry out once it has become saturated. Conversely, with OutDry technology, the membrane is steadily bonded to the upper inner side and therefore water cannot penetrate the outer upper material. Water remains out of the footwear, and the footwear does not become too heavy as moisture is only absorbed in the outer upper material. Footwear dries out much faster and the breathability is constantly maintained.

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