PrimaLoft® Bio™: an answer to microplastics, a solution for garments
end of life.

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The intention of PrimaLoft® Bio™ is to address the eventual end of life of a garment in an impactful way, while finding a solution for the industry-wide microplastics issue.

According to independent testing, PrimaLoft® Bio™ reached 93.8% biodegradation* in 646 days when exposed to an accelerated landfill environment. At the conclusion of this test, the remaining material was found to contain no trace of plastic, leaving behind only natural, carbon-based elements!

After many years of use, repair and reuse, there will eventually come an end to a garment’s life.  PrimaLoft® Bio™ technology also provides a solution for this eventuality, as fibers will biodegrade when exposed to landfill environment.

PrimaLoft® Bio™ fibers have reached 76.6% biodegradation** in 973 days in an accelerated marine environment
. Standard polyester, in the same test environment, has degraded just 2% – a clear indication that PrimaLoft® Bio™ has a significant impact on the degradation of polyester. *76.6% biodegradation* in 973 days under ASTM D6691 conditions (marine/ocean environment)

PrimaLoft® Bio™ fibers break down to 100% natural elements when exposed to ocean water or wastewater, which prevents the aggregation of microplastic in these environments.

*93.8% biodegradation in 646 days under ASTM D5511 conditions (landfill environment)
*76.6% biodegradation* in 973 days under ASTM D6691 conditions (marine/ocean environment).

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