PrimaLoft Insulation Thermoplume: Video Presentation With Jochen Lagemann and Lottie Watkinson

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Jochen Lagemann (Managing Director Primaloft Europe & Asia) presents the newest Technology from PrimaLoft: PrimaLoft Insulation Thermoplume. It comes closet yet to mimicking the structure of down to provide an incredibly lightweight and warm insulation package, yet with the advantage of performing even in wet or damp conditions.
Lottie Watkinson (Montane Design & Development Manager) presents the Icarus and Phoenix, two FW 2017.18 jackets that use the PrimaLoft Insulation Thermoplume to guarantee the best performance to Montane custumers.

The newest Technology from PrimaLoft as a comfort solution provider is PrimaLoft Insulation Thermoplume. It is the first solely synthetic alternative of Down with highest thermal properties that even looks like down. Its shape is down-like even looking like a plume. Thus being blowable for production and for the consumer even in construction it behaves exactly like down. The only exceptions are the additional values like all other PrimaLoft products. PrimaLoft Insulation Thermoplume is warm even when wet, it is super soft and highly compressible because of tiny micro fibers, which also are the lightest available the market. With this new technology PrimaLoft provides also and ethical alternative to Down, no force feeding, life plugging or proof of down source is any issue.
PrimaLoft developed the blowability of that technology closely with Montane and is very proud to have Montane as one of the early adopters of PrimaLoft® insulation Thermoplume for the Fall Winter 2017 season.

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