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Ropes 9,4 Dry
Summer 2018

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BLACK DIAMOND <br /> Ropes 9,4 Dry<br />Summer 2018

Black Diamond adds the product category climbing shoes, expands the range of climbing ropes and completes the line of kid’s climbing products. This well thought out product portfolio enables the junior climber a safe introduction to the sport and provides the best possible products for a wide range of climbing. Thanks to this portfolio expansion Black Diamond offers a complete range of everything a climber’s heart desires.

Black Diamond has had climbing ropes since one year among its range of goods. The collection is now being expanded from an initial four to eleven models. A characteristic for Black Diamond’s ropes is the balance between durability and good handling. The product range reaches from 7mm twin ropes up to 10,2mm single ropes, supplemented by three static ropes. With the eleven different, partly dry treated models, all kinds of climbing are served – from indoor to big wall climbing.
The rope 9,4 DRY balances lightweight, pleasant grip and durability making it the ideal rope for rock and ice missions. Core and mantle are dry treated.