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Brangus Jacket
Winter 2018.19

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BLACKYAK <BR /> Brangus Jacket <BR /> Winter 2018.19

The BLACKYAK Brangus Jacket brings new levels of ergonomics and range of movement to the Durably Waterproof garment class. The BLACKYAK Brangus jacket uses a combination of GORE-TEX® C-KNIT™ and the new for 2018 GORE® STRETCH technology.

The optimally placed GORE® STRETCH technology on the Brangus Jacket gives a freedom and range of movement in addition to a striking optic that sets this product apart from all others. To maximise the functional area of the garments and enhance its wet weather capabilities, we have used a 13 mm seam tape on all sewn seams. This works in combination with our new BLACKYAK Barrier Technology to reduce the moisture ingress through from the main garment openings around the waist, cuffs and helmet compatible hood. The pocket closure system on the BLACKYAK Brangus Jacket uses the “concealed, reverse facing zip technique”. This method places the pocket zipper on the concealed facing of the hidden main pockets. If the pockets are not closed, the reverse zippers will keep the inside dry, even in harsh weather.