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Click Up
Summer 2022

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climbing technology CLICK UP


For your outings to the crag there is Click Up, the manual-braking belay device by Climbing Technology that allows for belaying a leader and belaying a top-roping climber with both hands handling the rope, or for lowering the climber. Lightweight and compact, the device bears the name of the ‘click’ sound that you can hear when it locks on the rope. It can be used with all 8.6÷10.5 mm single ropes. Very easy to use, Click Up allows the belayer to pay out rope quickly and smoothly and to arrest a fall by simply holding the free end of the rope. To lower off the climber, the belayer will only need to apply a slight pressure over the device, while keeping under tension the free end of the rope. Click Up assures effective belaying even if the rope is incorrectly installed through the device (the strands of the rope are inverted) thanks to the specific V-shaped, tapered friction notches that allow the user to hold a fall and easily lower the climber.

Click Up is supplied and must be used together with concept SGL HC, the dedicated carabiner with wear-resistant anodized finish and ACL system that prevents the possibility of loading the minor axis.

  • Weight: 115 g (the weight refers to the device only)
  • Product code: 2K645