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Climbing Technology
Cosmo Harness
Summer 2024

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The COSMO harness is CLIMBING TECHNOLOGY’s extremely light and ergonomic men’s technical and adjustable three-buckle harness designed for technical mountain climbing, big walls and ice and mixed routes.

The snug and anatomical construction of the COSMO harness has been designed to ensure excellent fit and freedom of movement; including the innovative seamless and compact belay loop. The shape and size of the leg loops enables excellent load distribution and the ultra-light elastic support that are adjustable with just one hand keeps the leg loops close to the body. The tying-in points have been reinforced and include a wear and tear indicator, it has two large rigid front gear loops characterized by their special inclination as well as two rigid rear gear loops and a rear loop for accessories. Thanks to its soft and flexible structure it is easy to stow away.

Weight: 325 g (size M)