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Ice Hook
Winter 2023.24

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Ice Hook climbing technology


ICE HOOK by CLIMBING TECHNOLOGY is a dyneema sling quickdraw for ice screws which incorporated into the ice screw makes rope insertion quick and immediate with just a few turns of the ice screw.

In addition, the ICE HOOK quickdraw simplifies placing the ice screw and makes it impossible to loose when it’s removed. It is suitable for all ice screws with a maximum thread diameter of 20 mm.

The ICE HOOK is equipped with the FLY-WEIGHT EVO carabiner which is compact and ultra-light with an optimized beak shape to minimize involuntary clipping of the rope and the gear loops. The ring that is connected to the ICE HOOK sling is not fixed onto the ice screw and therefore minimizes the leverage that would occur in the event of a fall.

Weight: 65 g (12 cm sling version).