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Jacket Fly
Summer 2022

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Crazy jacket fly

Crazy Jacket Fly is the most lightweight jacket in the world.

From the Italian brand experience, which was the first to introduce the fast and light concept in the market in 1989, the Jacket Fly was created: it’s an emergency windproof jacket with the weight of only 45 grams.

It is an emergency windproof item, extremely compact and elastic, to always have with you in the mountains. Jackets of this type, an exceptionally light windproof layer, are popular for different sports: from the mountain sports to running and cycling. However, no other jacket you can currently find on the market comes close to the weight of Crazy’s Jkt Fly, which at only 45grams is 25grams lighter than the lightest jackets available today. Furthermore, the jackets of this type are usually made of stiff fabrics. Jkt Fly, on the contrary, is extremely elastic in all the directions. The study of the jacket structure with the minimum number of seams possible and a revolutionary windproof fabric specially developed for the Fly jacket by Crazy and Toray allowed Crazy to create an innovative and futuristic product, a real fast and light icon.
Crazy wanted to focus on three aspects that it had always considered fundamental in the mountain clothing: lightness, compressibility and elasticity.

Jkt Fly is an item to take with you for every adventure in the summer, and it will be available in all the shops from March 2022.