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DALBELLO – LUPO S.P. I.D. [Winter 2013.14]

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DALBELLO – LUPO S.P. I.D. [Winter 2013.14]

Dalbello is unveiling an all new Pro model into their Krypton lineup called Lupo S.P. (Sean Pettit).

The Lupo S.P. is geared for big moun- tain chargers who spend a significant amount of time skinning, hiking or using a chopper to find their lines. An ultra- burly cuff lock has been integrated into the Krypton design to provide function- al striding with the world’s best freeride boot. High traction mid sole rubber and replaceable toe and heel provide climbing security and durability.

Lupo S.P. is truly the world’s BEST big mountain freeride boot. No compro- mises.

Category: Big Mountain / Freeride Size: UNI 24.0 – 29.5
Flex: 130
Last: 98mm
Color: Anthracite / Black