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DALBELLO – PANTERRA 120 [Winter 2013.14]

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DALBELLO – PANTERRA 120 [Winter 2013.14]

The PANTERRA 120 is geared for ex- pert level and high performance skiers.

The PANTERRA 120 design incorpo- rates many of the structural and performance features of the popular Krypton KR2 construction and adds a sturdy and precise Ski/Hike cuff lock for supreme versatility. Also, a hi-grip rubber midsole and replaceable toe and heel are offered on the 120 to provide extra traction and durability when hiking.

Dalbello’s 3 Piece Cabrio design pro- vides responsive and consistent flex with tenacious lateral and reward pow- er. Contour 4 Fit Technology allows for a close anatomic fit while accommodating the typical hot-spots many ski- ers encounter while the V.F.F. Fit System enables quick and precise forefoot width to be adjusted via the toe buckle.

Modern, Rocker Stance Geometry al- lows skiers to take full advantage of their equipment by centering their body mass over the sweet spot of their skis for more power and control with less effort.

Available with TRUFIT Comp fit sys- tem innerboots or optional I.D. Thermo “MAX” Custom Fit liners for lightweight comfort, warmth and shock absorption.
Skiing has never been so easy!

Categoy: All Mountain
Size MP: MS 25.0-30.5
Flex: 120
Last: 102-100mm VVF
Color: Acid Green / Anthracite NEW 13/14