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Summer 2019

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ECCO <br /> Exostrike <br /> Summer 2019

Hiking products have always tended to have a deeply traditional look, but there is a new movement for outdoor boots, with a modern style. And right at the forefront of that movement is the ECCO EXOSTRIKE, which combines the full functionality and high-tech performance of a hiking boot with an aesthetic inspired by the city streets you’ve just left behind. One of the highlights of ECCO’s Autumn/Winter 2018 Outdoor collection, this new boot will allow you to take street style to the most remote and unexpected of locations: halfway up a mountain, by the muddy, misty shores of a lake, on a deserted trail.

Setting a new standard for fusing outdoor and lifestyle, the ECCO EXOSTRIKE features a ribbed midsole, a distinctive external heel stiffener and a rugged rubber outsole with excellent grip and durability. High-energy performance meets high-impact style in a boot incorporating the shoemaker’s premium raw materials and innovative technologies.

Among the exquisite materials used in this group is DYNEEMA® BONDED Leather by ECCO, a new, futuristic hybrid that was created by the ECCO Leather Studio by combining the company’s rich cow hides with a man-made fibre that is 15 times stronger than steel. The result is a super-strong, thin and lightweight leather, which protects the upper against tearing, while also being luxuriously soft. The group features other innovative leathers from the ECCO Leather Studio in the Netherlands, reinforcing its reputation for being the world’s most advanced research and development facility for the material.

When you’re moving at speed, all-day comfort becomes even more important and the ECCO EXOSTRIKE has an all-new midsole P.U material at play, PHORENE, that is a breakthrough in the continued development of the company’s own FLUIDFORM™ direct-injection technology.

Engineered by ECCO’s research and development team in Denmark, PHORENE offers unprecedented softness and improved shock absorption and rebound, delivering lightweight dynamic power and greater torque. Peer behind all the street-style and there is a truly remarkable material at the core of the boot, with PHORENE weighing 33 per cent lighter than MS.PU at the same volume, while it absorbs twice the shock on impact, and returns 50 per cent more energy than the material ECCO had been using. A hiking boot ought to be able to cope in the cold, and the climate-blind PHORENE keeps it softness in temperatures as low as -40C.

As well as adding to the ECCO EXOSTRIKE’s modern aesthetic, the external heel guard encourages the adventurer to walk more naturally. Bonded to the upper using FLUIDFORM™ Technology, and made from T.PU, the guard wraps the heel, providing protective support and a snug fit.

You’ll be zipping across the landscape, and also bringing street style to the wilderness, in a boot incorporating DYNEEMA® BONDED Leather by ECCO, which is ultra-thin, ultra-strong and luxuriously soft. One of the colourways on offer is ‘Black/Black’, with the upper crafted from ECCO DYNEEMA® BONDED Leather group, a snuffed grain ECCO leather with a matte, slightly aged finish. In the ‘Wild Dove’ colourway, the upper is also made from the DYNEEMA® BONDED Leather by ECCO.

The modernity of the leather is matched by the innovation within the boot, with the new midsole P.U, PHORENE. A hidden-lacing structure supplies additional protection for your foot.

To survive in some of the most inhospitable places on Earth, the yak has had to adapt, with its hide strong, resilient, flexible and lightweight. Those are all properties that make sporty and modern ECCO yak leather, which has been treated to become water-repellent, the ideal leather for this boot, with the premium material helping to give the upper a crafted look and a comfortable, smooth feel.

The upper also incorporates bovine leather in heavy-duty ECCO leather, which is strong, durable and water-repellent and has a hardy, scratched finish, while GORE-TEX® waterproof construction keeps your foot dry and comfortable during wet weather. With the new midsole P.U, PHORENE, this is an extremely comfortable boot, which is offered in two colourways: ‘Coffee/Mocha’ and ‘Warm Grey/Tarmac’.

With sport and explosive movement the inspiration for ECCO Leather Studio’s development of specialised yak leather that is lightweight, strong, flexible and water-repellent material is perfectly suited to a fast hiking boot. Also incorporated in the street-smart upper is rugged, scratched, heavy-duty ECCO bovine leather that is strong, durable and water-repellent. Treating the upper with HYDROMAX® technology improves its water-resistance, extends its longevity and helps to keep the leather soft and comfortable. The new midsole P.U, PHORENE also enhances all-day comfort in a boot offered in the ‘Camel’ colourway.