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Topper Station Refit
Summer 2018

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EDELRID <BR /> Topper Station Refit<BR /> Summer 2018

Safety, wear resistance, easy installation – these are the most important criteria when selecting products to equip a climbing gym. The new climbing wall top anchor – Topper Station Refit – from EDELRID amply meets all these require-ments. It reduces the amount of wear on ropes, avoids kinking and increases safety with its gate that prevents double clipping or accidental unclipping. In addition, it can be installed from the front, without requiring modification to the wall. All parts subject to wear are replaceable.

Product details Topper Station:
• Extremely easy to clip the rope
• Prevents double clipping or the rope unclipping itself
• Gate can be fixed closed for top-rope stations
• Moves freely in three directions to ensure optimal orientation
• Large inner radius minimizes rope wear
• Mounting prevents damage to wall
• All parts subject to wear are replaceable
• Simple to fit, from the front, can be installed without requiring modification to the wall
• Material: steel and stainless steel