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Edelrid – Hexon Multifuel

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Edelrid – Hexon Multifuel

A new generation ultra light multifuel stove. At only 220 g, the EDELRID Hexon Multifuel is one of the lightest stoves in its class. This stove is distinguished by its compactness and versatility (it works with gas, gasoline and kerosene). Further advantages are the foldable feet and pot stand which gives the Hexon Multifuel a stable base on the ground and for the pot as well. With its rugged design allowing for easy use and servicing, a long life is guaranteed.

Due to its high quality aluminium alloy construction, the fuel pump is useable at all temperatures. With the EDELRID Tradapter (not included), the Hexon Multifuel is suitable for all storm cooking. The Hexon Multifuel comes with fuel bottle, pump, tool set, wind protection, and transport bag.

Weight: 220 g + 113 g
Output: 3000 W
Consumption: 80 – 240 g/h
Cooking time 1L: 3,1 min