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Bluecliff ES
Winter 2023.24

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Hanwag shoes

Whether exploring the lower mountain ranges or extended autumn hiking trips, the lightweight BluecliffES hiking boot has a high-quality suede and nubuck leather upper with a waterproof and PFC-free EcoShell membrane that’s ideal for active adventures in cooler conditions. A boot for autumn hiking or leaf kicking on lower alpine trails. A boot to easily navigate mossy, mountain paths. A boot thatsee you safely through ankle-deep snow – or for walking the dog in all weathers. The HANWAG Bluecliff ES is a boot made ofrobust and reliable materials with functional features and a comfortable fit to provide the required support for a wide rangeof hiking.What sets the Bluecliff ES apart? Its high-quality upper is made of nubuck leather and suede leather, which is applied at theheel and toe cap because it’s particularly robust. Its classic Derby cut has a facing tab tongue construction that helps keepfeet dry. This is further supported by HANWAG’s proprietary PFC-free EcoShell membrane.The Hike Pro outsole further contributes to the overall high comfort. It has a four-millimetre deep tread and extra-large lugswith a wider contact area and a particularly grippy rubber compound. Moreover, the special 3D IPU midsole constructionguarantees a perfect fit and smooth roll off. This is made possible by using a combination of stabilising and expanded PU, plusa glass-fibre reinforced polypropylene stabilizer. To fix the foot firmly in place and ensure good heel retention, HANWAG useshigh-quality, long-lasting metal eyelets and hooks that require no rivets, plus 2-Zone Lacing with a clamping lace hook.

When it comes to sustainability, the materials used to make this new, flexible hikingmodel are virtually all sourced from European suppliers and the boot itself is made inentirely in Europe – this is a matter of principle for Hanwag. However, when in terms ofsustainability, the Bluecliff ES goes even further. Its stand-out benefit is the 100% PFC-free EcoShell membrane used in this model. Waterproof, breathable and sustainable– HANWAG introduced its proprietary PU membrane based on a complex, hydrophilicsystem. It offers waterproofing and breathability, yet without using fluorocarbons.Hydrophilic – the word comes from Greek and means ‘water-loving’, this aptly describesthe physical properties of the membrane. The hydrophilic part absorbs moisture fromthe feet and moves it outside via evaporation. The membrane is part of a multi-layerlaminate. For the Bluecliff ES, HANWAG uses a four-layer laminate that guaranteesoutstanding breathability and high comfort – something that becomes even moreimportant on longer hikes. The fourth layer is an additional layer of insulation, whichmakes this boot ideal for hiking in autumn and spring.

TheHike Pro outsole has a four-millimetre deep tread and extra-largelugs with a wider contact area and a particularly grippy rubbercompound. The reliable outsole offers the ideal combination ofgood roll-off performance on flat terrain and support when movinguphill.


Guaranteed by the blend ofhigh-quality materials: nubuck leather and suede leather, modernfabric and our waterproof, four-layer laminate EcoShell membrane.


Hardshell, with a softer core – the combination of stabilisingand expanded PU in the midsole, plus a glass-fibrereinforced polypropylene stabilizer offer bothstability and cushioning.


2-Zone Lacing with aclamping lace hook ensures good heel retention and fixes thefoot firmly in place.