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Mythos 30Th
Summer 2021

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LA SPORTIVA<BR /> Mythos 30Th <br /> Summer 2021

Mythos 30th is the anniversary edition of the famous Mythos climbing shoe, part of the La Sportiva collection since 1991 and here made with eco-friendly materials to minimize the environmental impact.

The majority of the components derive from recycled materials (laces, tie-rods) with reduced environmental impact (metal free tanning, biodegradable leather, water-based adhesives. Sole in ultra-adherent FriXion White compound. Designed for climbing long routes and prolonged use on the wall thanks to its exceptional fit comfort.

The soft and comfortable materials treated with eco tanning and the comfort fit solutions allow the foot to relax inside the shoe for accentuated comfort. Mythos 30th: legends never die.